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    W and SHIFT+X not working

    Basically, if I'm holding down W to run, my SHIFT+X keybind does not work. X works, Z works, SHIFT+Z works, and all my other binds, R, F, C, T, G, V and 1-5 and their SHIFT modifiers work.

    My autorun is SHIFT+W, and I've tried unbinding that, but no luck. I am using Dominos. I've checked several times through all the keybinds to find a conflict, but haven't found one.

    It works when I'm strafing left, right, going left or right, backpedaling (lol), but not forward.

    Any ideas? It's really bothering me.

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    Re: W and SHIFT+X not working

    Keyboards' matrices usually have such kinks. With mine it is not possible to hit R while holding T. So almost everytime I want to write TRUE, it comes out TUE because I am still on the T key a little when hitting R.

    Anyway, if Shift+X never worked for you when you're holding W I'd say it is because of the keyboard matrix.
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