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    No chat

    So, I didn't log in last night and went to download 3.0.3 tonight, then it seems I can't see any chat in my windows, except addon spam and GMotD.

    All the fixes I read about on the wow forums I tried didn't work, such as deleting the chat-chache.txt, and resetting chat to defaults ingame. The only thing that worked was moving my cache interface and WTF folders to a different place, thus removing my entire ui/settings etc.

    If anyone has fixed this problem without having to spend half a fucking century re-doing EVERY fucking setting and remaking their ENTIRE ui from scratch, please let me know, I haven't got the patience for that and I was meant to be raiding tonight.

    Fucking 3.0.3, die in a fire. >

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    Re: No chat

    Are your chat boxes gone when you disable all of your mods temporarily? Are you using any chat mods at all?

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