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    Deciding on a Profession.

    So my druid has jewelcrafting/alchemy as the profs.

    However, I want to level him to 80 first and have him be my only character for a while and just raid and get gear.

    The problem is that will cost a ton of gold to level from 375-450 without mining/herbalism.. i plan on being resto for raiding so i guess i'm just asking opinions.. should i drop jc for herbalism to compliment alch, or drop alch for mining to compliment jc..

    alchemy has mixology and the alch stones which are nice except you can only pot once. mixology is really nice for raiding though.

    then there's jc, i dont know of many friends that their main is a jc.. but it seems like something i could deal without, or just pay someone to cut me gems.

    so opinions here? thanks


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    Re: Deciding on a Profession.

    Your probably in the same boat as many dedicated players, mains, who have two major professions and no gathering ones - using alts to gather.

    I too have a similar problem on a couple of my characters, eng/bs, tailor/ench, etc... I have a alts with mining/herbs, im tempted to level them up first, not sure which order to go in.
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    Re: Deciding on a Profession.

    My suggestion is to drop JC and go for Alchemy/herb.

    You'll lost some BoP gems, yeah, but the bonuses from Mixology shuold be greater.

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    Re: Deciding on a Profession.

    Drop JC or Alchemy? That's crazy talk... My priest is Ench/JC and there is no way in hell I'm dropping either, even if I can't level em up at first. (Granted my Ench doesn't need a 'gatherer' skill per se...) I plan playing my gatherer enough to level my skills.

    The time and cost to drop one of those skills is crazy. Assuming you have the rep to just buy a majority of the patterns - what about the BOP/BOE patterns you have for JC? Discoveries for Alchemy?

    And the bonuses for either... Trinket for Alchemy? Will probably last thru 80 (And thru skill leveling to "next" trinket). Epic BOP Gems for JC? Those should be perty handy for leveling up. Nice cheap replacements on green/blue leveling gear.

    Drop a skill? Just wait until you can put a little bit of time on your alts to level em up... but that's my 2c
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    Re: Deciding on a Profession.

    I wouldnt drop either. I have 2 main profs the same as you and I was planning on lvling my main by 2 lvls then my alt by one, that way I should still be able to gather for my main and lvl him at a reasonable pace. Im in no rush to get to 450 tbh though but if you really are and want to drop one profession then i'd drop Alc since its the alot easier to get back up to max lvl compared to JC

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