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    About Weaponsmith BOP weapons

    Seeing the last changes to BS, i was wondering if there´ll be new phases of the BoP weapons (I doubt it, but i need to ask this, i love the ones of Swordsmith) or similar recipes...

    Someone in the beta can bring any light into this?

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    Re: About Weaponsmith BOP weapons

    Its like 3rd or 4th exacly same post during last 1 hour ? Check forum 1st before trolling it apart

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    Re: About Weaponsmith BOP weapons

    also, go read the frikken blue posts on the main page. No BoP weapons.

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    Re: About Weaponsmith BOP weapons

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    Re: About Weaponsmith BOP weapons

    Where is Picard's facepalm when you need it?
    Quote Originally Posted by Furkel View Post
    There's always, ALWAYS a "huge uproar" about anything Blizz does, usually from people who either don't entirely understand the thing they're complaining about, or refuse to acknowledge that most players are perfectly okay with the current state of affairs. Whenever people complain that they don't listen to feedback it mostly means "they don't listen to ME ME ME".
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    Re: About Weaponsmith BOP weapons


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