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    pennance still bugged GC

    pennance is still directional. 3.0.3 didnt fix it

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    Re: pennance still bugged GC

    Were they going to change it?

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    Re: pennance still bugged GC

    its fixed, the bug was that you can only cast it directly infront of you, now you can cast it to the sides of you, no channel spell can cast backwards so imo its fixed

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    Re: pennance still bugged GC

    GC Stated that requiring a facing for a HEAL was unintended and supposed to be fixed, but still isn't.

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    Re: pennance still bugged GC

    Yes you can use penance sideways it will automaticaly turn you to your healing target. As for backwards use of it that's just not fun. If your a healer that likes to stay in middle and heal everyone around you roll a bubble pally

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    Re: pennance still bugged GC

    They have fixed it indeed, you can now cast it sideways! woot woot :P

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    Re: pennance still bugged GC

    U only have to have the target in front of u when u begin to channel, while channeling u can spin around:> This works with Mind Flay, dunno if it does on Penance.. but anyway its just a fun thing:/

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