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    Re: Priest attributes/ stats

    Leveling as shadow is easier but leveling as Disc means you can also heal instances while you level. It really is a matter of preference.

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    Re: Priest attributes/ stats

    Quote Originally Posted by Ektoplasme
    Lol, why do you think Death Knights have a lower mitigation ? Have you played one ? I think not...
    Death Knights receive higher damage once they get hit, and they do get hit even tho they are based on avoidance. Paladins and Warriors have shields, DK's don't. Hence, when they do get hit, they take more damage than pally or warr would. Also, warriors generate rage trough getting hit. Divine Aegis / PWS prevent that, hence gimping TPS / mitigation due to rage starvation. That makes disc extremely good single target healer for DK and Paladin.

    Also, Holy being better than Disc in PvP? What the hell, how can you say that with such cocky attitude and actually be convinced about it? Why would one even go Holy for PvP? There's ONLY GS worth taking, and it's like, one-time death prevention. It doesn't stand close compared to Discipline's survivability, let alone PvP heals. Yes, Penance IS that good.

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    Re: Priest attributes/ stats

    Quote Originally Posted by syanid
    Discipline - it seems that Spell Power and Crit are the most important there. It looks like insane MT healing class, especially for Death Knights since their mitigation is the lowest so Divine Aegis and absorption effects are great for them. They will take less damage and since they don't use Rage as energy type, absorption effects are perfect for them for mitigation purposes.
    Absorption effects doesn't prevent rage generation anymore.

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    Re: Priest attributes/ stats

    ive been testing all the stats out neatly at lvl 80. Disc seems to be much better with instance/pvp healing compared to holy. Holy seems to be a beast at RAID healing only. It seems like if you get an assist healer in your group as a holy priest u will dominate it. Shadow well... ive been a shadowpriest since pre-bc, yes pre-bc. Did raid as shadow in naxx. I always liked shadow, however i am rerolling as a DK.

    The answer you need thou is, go shadow when leveling... Disc is fine also but shadow is the way to go... Lovely dmg and barely any downtime (used to be none...) Well still no downtime compared to some other classes but meh, the downtime thing has been nerfed. No biggie thou.

    Either way you go disc or shadow, crit is the new thing for both. Its actually sexxxxxy now.

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    Re: Priest attributes/ stats

    All I can say, having lvl'd as Disc, and respec'ing in 3.0: Improved Divine Spirit + Spiritual Guidance = 31% of Spirit to Spell Power. That's about a +78 Spell power boost for me, moderately geared at 62. 25/28/0

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    Re: Priest attributes/ stats

    Quote Originally Posted by darkdestiny
    it's fail because of crap posts like this, I'm sorry but holy doesn't come close to disc in pvp, even if you look at the talent tree (and have common sense) it will explain all, I laugh everytime i see a holy priest in arena, and if they are the same faction as me, i make fun of them for being holy and giving us a free win. Disc is your best bet in pvp, and now they can also pve which makes them twice as appealing. I actually used to count how many times holy priest got owned in pvp.........sad but true. Please if your holy stick to pve thats where you really shine.

    Your the joke because what you fail to understand is that everything has changed with new talents you newb. I was over 2k in every bracket in every season as a Disc priest.

    If you were to actually bother and test the new talent tree specs holy comes out on top for 3v3, 5v5 or basically any pvp thats more than 2 people. Disc is still top for duels and 2v2 THATS IT.

    You obviously haven't tried arena in last 2-3 weeks ( no ones playing arena anyhow) because those holy priest you lol at will be sitting on your face.

    The simple facts are as disc if any double dps is now on you your dead, as holy you can survive with massive healing power and crits.

    Heres some common sense since you need it:

    Blessed resistance>Focused Will
    Desperate prayer is great> shrug nothing in disc like it
    Gaurdian spirit> Pain suppression
    Getting 4k poms, 900 renew ticks and 9k heals> bonus shield stuff

    Overall healing of holy spec = you live through stuns/silences and can then keep your team alive, you have multiple "oh shit" buttons.

    Holy>Disc for group pvp, of course that might change at 80 when things scale differently. The only real downside is that its heavy on your mana and disc is amazing with mana.

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    Re: Priest attributes/ stats did a great write up on stats and the number crunching there to.

    Right now on my blog I'm tryign to do a write up on each of the 2 healing trees as a "recap" of them both since we only have 3 more days to wait.

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