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    Keep blacksmithing?

    Currently I'ma blacksmith/Engineer and was wondering if blacksmithing is even worth keeping in LK was planning on dropping it for mining. I haven't seen much to keep blacksmithing so far so I figured I would ask around before I drop blacksmithing.

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    Re: Keep blacksmithing?

    You get 2 extra sockets, for gloves and bracers I think. You can also sell sockets on belts, which looks like it has some money-making potential, though not nearly as much as mining.

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    Re: Keep blacksmithing?

    Yeah the the sockets are cool, but buying mats to fuel both doesn't sound too good for me.

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    Re: Keep blacksmithing?

    Then drop Engineering, considering how it's completely and wholly useless in Wrath.
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    Re: Keep blacksmithing?

    WHATT ...engineering is amazing. Now that they wintergrasp is coming out engineering will be even more fun. They are also planning on buffing all the old stuff like the MC helm.

    And engineering is a huge money maker since they are continuing with the mote cloud thing.

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    Re: Keep blacksmithing?

    Quote Originally Posted by holybk
    WHATT ...engineering is amazing.

    And I make more money doing dailies than I do gathering mote clouds. Hell, if the Elemental Plateau isn't being farmed, I get motes faster there than I do cloud-farming.

    Engineering and Tailoring both provide no benefit to the crafter that cannot be obtained in a stronger version elsewhere from either raid drops or other professions, so thusly, they are functionally useless.
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    Re: Keep blacksmithing?

    Do you not have an epic mount? On a good, less crowded day, I get like 10-15 primals in like 30min-1 hour. selling them for 20g on normal days and like 30-40g on arena seasons.

    Even on shit days I get like 1 primal at least in like 5 mins and that's an easy 20g.

    I leveled engineering one day and spent like 1kg doing it and turned around that day and made 1200g just from farming primal air.

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