Thread: Mats in WOTLK?

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    Mats in WOTLK?

    Hey guys, idk if there's a thread like that but i didnt found it so i make this one.

    Mats such as primal fire/air/life/shadow/water/... and other like large prismatic shard/greater planar essence/arcane dust/...

    Will they be useful in WOTLK or they'll just disappear? i dont know what to do, selling them in AH or just keep them for WOTLK.

    PD: sorry for my shitty english ;X

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    Re: Mats in WOTLK?

    They won't "disappear", so to say, but they are going to become useless, since WotLK has its own profession reagents.

    I'm guessing if someone is power-leveling their professions, they'll still want to buy it, but otherwise.... well, let's just say you're better off selling everything you aren't going to use.

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    Re: Mats in WOTLK?

    ok, so, they will be useless above 375? then im going to sell them all right now.

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    Re: Mats in WOTLK?

    Most of them will be useless above 350 skill, as WotLK introduces new recipes, using WotLK mats, starting at 350 skill in each profession.

    This means that, even when levelling a new profession, you can skip all those awkward skill 350-375 items, requiring loads of mats.

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    Re: Mats in WOTLK?

    "Useless" is relative.

    How useless are Nexus Crystals, Large Brillants and Illusion Dust? Fairly useless at 70... but not that useless if you are trying to skill up enchanting 275-300.

    How useless is Mithril and Thorium? Useless at 70... but not that useless for JCers and Blacksmithers leveling up.

    Same can be said for pretty much anything. And it boils down to supply and demand. As supply slows down, and demand slows down... Not alot of enchanters leveling up, yet Illusion Dust and what not stays fairly valuable because low supply.

    Initially 2 things are going to happen:
    1) People will stop farming outland mats
    2) People are going to make DKs... with tradeskills... and need to level those tradeskills from 1.
    Lower supply + huge spike (not counting the normal steady supply from normal alts/tradeskill switching)

    All those leveling DKs (And people who switch tradeskills for whatever reason) are going to need mats of all levels to progress. How useless and marketable are those 'useless low level mats' now? Granted... as mentioned earlier, 350-375 TBC is going to be bypassed for 350+ WoTLK, but that in no way shape or form
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