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    Professions for Feral bear come Wotlk.

    I have been quite confused on what profs to take come wotlk, so i've decide to get and overall view from you guys, hoping i get some decent replys. (>.<)

    My Very First thought for my raiding proffesions, was to go with Inscriptions and Jewelcrafting, obviously for Neck/trinkets extra stats on gems, and the Very nice Added Shoulder enchants.

    Kinda thinking, that at the lauch around 80, the Craftable set (im sure there will be something) for a leatherworker, will be better then any gear you could get around, e.g. Heavy Clefthoof set being better then Dungeon Blues.

    And Finally i came to Enchanting, the ring enchants are pritty sweet, but will it be more benefical to have an ring enchant then an added stats on shoulder enchant, or a trinket from an alchamist/JC.

    Give Viewz Plox.

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    Re: Professions for Feral bear come Wotlk.

    Leatherworking has a +90 stam enchant on bracers, so it is a good option.

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