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    Wotlk Arena and PvP Gear

    So i noticed that the main difference between hateful glad/savage satin and mooncloth gear is that mooncloth has spirit and satin has spell crit. Spirit isnt too bad a stat anymore for spriests so im wondering, will most ppl be gettin 2/5 satin and 3/5 mooncloth(or vice versa) for both healing and dps specs in the arena as it also gives a nice resil boost or will most be going one way or the other for the stats or 4 set bonus and why?

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    Re: Wotlk Arena and PvP Gear

    I had 2 and 2 when I went disc recently from shadow (waste of honour points that I thought were about to be deleted....)

    IT is a massive and lovely resi buff. 2 seconds off shield is pretty fabulous though - depends on spec. I would expect SP's to consider 5 more as shield is so integral. Healers might go for 2 and 3.

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