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    PVP Gear for disc priests

    I just recently lvled my priest up to 70 and im doing the usual pvp to get basic epic gear, but i have found a major prob with gear... priests dont have crit gear. so disc priests are stuck with hpriest gear were they get mana regen which isnt realy needed, being that we are very mana efficient. I know wotlk is right around the corner, but im still a little pissed off that us disc get screwed

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    Re: PVP Gear for disc priests

    Stop whining. Try to get used to your new skills. Wait until next week to worry about itemization.

    Also: Disc is awesome! ;D

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    Re: PVP Gear for disc priests

    In wotlk, you'd need some crit gear, not too much though (shadow gear) and obivously alot of spirit gear

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    Re: PVP Gear for disc priests

    disc priests dont need alot fo spirit...

    they have so many mana regen, mana restore, haste and mana reduction talents its crazy

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    Re: PVP Gear for disc priests

    The only difference between S5 satin gear and mooncloth gear is that mooncloth has sprit and satin has crit, so if you want crit grab a few pieces of satin.

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    Re: PVP Gear for disc priests

    Just grab the 4 set of Mooncloth (If the 2 sets aren't interchangable like they aren't now for bonuses) and 1 of Satin, then the 3 "caster" non-sets (belt/boots/bracers) with crit so you're evenly balanced on each. Or 4 Satin for the crit and 1 Mooncloth and the 3 "healer" non-sets.

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    Re: PVP Gear for disc priests

    It's really giving me a hard time choosing between the two sets, but I will probably
    go with 4/5 satin and 1/5 mooncloth and get some spirit elsewhere. Planning on going disc yea.

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