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    Replenishment questions

    Hi, i just try to understand something.

    I cast my vt and then mb on a target...

    * First question

    Who will receive the replenishment buff? Probably only casters but... casters from my raid group first? or mana users closer to me? how this mechanic work?

    * 2nd question

    If i cast my mb again and reproc replenishment... The same raid members refresh their buffs or others raid members may receive a fresh buff?
    (can we give the replenishment buff to more then 10 raid members?)

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    Re: Replenishment questions

    Each time it procs, it goes to teh 10 members with the lowest mana. i believe it works through mana percentage, so somebody with 50% mana would get replenishment before somebody with 75% mana remaining.

    if the same person twice in a row has one of the 10 the lowest amounts of mana, his will get refreshed.

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