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    Idea: Fire and Brimstone

    Since ppl are saying this is not a great 45 points talent, so i come out with this idea:

    Fire and Brimstone (Rank 3)
    Increase the damage by your Immolate spell by an amount equal to 15% of your spell power, and the critical bonus damage of your Conflagrate by 24% if Immolate on the target has 5 or fewer second remaining. In addition, each time your Immolate deal periodic damage, it has 15% chance to cut your next Rain of Fire spell's channeling time into 4 seconds(tick every second), but no longer require you to channel it with no mana cost.

    Pros: 1. Make Rain of Fire more useful in raid situation since boss is static, you can make sure all ticks hit the boss.
    2. You do not have to channel it, so you can cast another spell while having Rain of Fire dealing GOOD damage on your target (I heard its coefficient get buffed and can crit now, thus benefit from critical chance and Ruin.)
    3. Free of mana cost.
    4. 3 ranks, free up some talent points.

    Cons:1. This spell will not as op as you think in PvP because you can simply run out of it.

    Thank you for feedback.

    Improved Immolate (Tier 5, Rank 3)
    Increases the initial damage of your Immolate spell by 30%. When Immolate get dispelled, it will afflict the dispeller again with (33/66/100%) of the duration and each time the dispeller cast a spell, he/she will get 812-1230 Fire damage and 4% total mana burn. (Pro tips: Don't dispell it anymore.)

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    Re: Idea: Fire and Brimstone

    sounds sweet, in pvp it may be like a powerful consecration shadowfury + this is a nice combo (do you want to hit me? burn yourself)
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    Re: Idea: Fire and Brimstone

    meh. With the mana issues that destro already has, I'm not liking it.

    better to revamp Fire and Brimstone to a 3 pt talent and do something else with it.

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    Re: Idea: Fire and Brimstone

    or maybe add to the normal effect of fire and brimstone - if Immolate gets dispellt immolate jumps to the one who dispells and gain full duration. Something like this and blizzard want some kind of dispell protection for destro and theire it is ^^

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    Re: Idea: Fire and Brimstone

    Immolate's problem is conflag, conflag's is backdraft, backdraft's immolates, and F&B wastes everyone's points.... The entire crux boils down to this: you spent a ton of points to buff a spell you take off the target for less dmg than it would have done by leaving it there.

    I'd like to see conflag NOT consume immolate but simply proc backdraft. Backdraft could keeps duration but loses the charge count making it a destro lock's Slice and Dice. May have to nerf haste down to compensate but 20% is what other classes get. F&B needs to lower the cast time of immo to instant and gives immo a bigger dmg bonus to incinerate/fire spells. To compensate we drop immo's dmg to about a shot of searing pain and a 18-18 second buff to fire dmg thus keeping it out of affliction's headaches. Demo can now use Immo w' MC more efficiently by getting more nuke time which scales w' raid buffs.

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    Re: Idea: Fire and Brimstone

    Quote Originally Posted by Warlock1337

    Cons:1. This spell will not as op as you think in PvP because you can simply run out of it.
    well, i'd love to see what u proposed really, and blizz should some players' ideas.... dut don't forget Pyroclasm effect it has 26% of proc and 1 tick x second of a stunn will become a kind of cc ( not bad tbh)

    by i like a kind of effect 4 F&B u have thinked

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    Re: Idea: Fire and Brimstone

    In addition, each time your Immolate deal periodic damage, it has 100% chance to scorch the earth doing 400k damage to all targets, even friendly, in a 500 yard radius around the caster.
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    Re: Idea: Fire and Brimstone

    an idea;

    Fire and Brimstone- Your immolate now makes your target vulnerable to spell damage, increasing spell critical strike chance against that target by 2/4/6/8/10. In addition your conflagerate now has a 20/40/60/80/100% chance to refresh your immolate instead of consuming it.

    imp scortch and conflag fix mixed into one very nice teir10 talent.
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    Re: Idea: Fire and Brimstone

    people who come up with ridiculously overpowered ideas for their own class and take the time to post them crack me up, imp immolate being basically immune to dispel AND mana burning you? who are you kidding?

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    Re: Idea: Fire and Brimstone

    Bele...did you bother to read down the rest of the thread or did you go zero to troll in one post? Most of the suggestions are in line with what other classes already have and/or have better versions of. My guess is you don't play a lock, quit after you couldn't faceroll SB, and almost certainly don't understand the issues the class is dealing with in the new talent tree... Please try to be part of a solution or failing that at least part of the scenery....
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    Re: Idea: Fire and Brimstone

    Glyph of Flame Shock - http://www.wowhead.com/?item=41531, I am not trying to compare Lava Burst to Conflagrate, just that basically they have the same mechanics - Consuming a DoT effect (Immolate and Flame Shock).

    Some of you suggest Conflagrate refreshing OR not consuming Immolate through F&B, but that is not my point because it can simply be done by a single little low cost GLYPH. My purpose is just to make Rain of Fire more useful since you can no longer downranking RoF to break stealth. Thanks for feedback.

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    Re: Idea: Fire and Brimstone

    Conflagrate refreshing the Immolate duration goes against the requirement to even get Conflagrate (imp Immolate). So I'm not a fan of this idea.

    I'd prefer that it makes your next Immolate an instant cast or something. Or that the talent reduces the GCD or CD of Conflagrate. Or that you gain additional crit chance / crit dmg bonus against targets affected by Immolate. (I've made more suggestions in other posts. I don't really want to repeat all of them =9 )

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    Re: Idea: Fire and Brimstone

    Sure, Improved Immolate can be redone to this - Increase periodic damage done by Immolate by 20/40/60% and some mechanics that protect it from being dispelled (see my first post). So when Conflagrate refreshes Immolate's duration, it will not against Improved Immolate. About making Immolate instant cast and lower GCD of Immo and Conflagrate is a good idea as well (Probably through F&B, 0.5/1.0/1.5 seconds reducing in cast time and 0.5 second GCD lower for both Immolate and Conflagrate). Thanks.

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    Re: Idea: Fire and Brimstone

    I'll add my opinions:

    Fire & Brimstone is useless in nearly any way you look at it atm.
    If you look at a proper destro rotation, you'll notice that immolate won't be on a target for more than 8-9 seconds. (using conflag every time CB is off cooldown)
    What blizzard should do is make is:
    1. Make Immolate not consume a Backdraft
    2. Rework Improved Immolate to give some sort of a fire bonus damage debuff
    3. Make Fire & Brimstone enhance Immolate & Confraglate in a completely different way.

    I'll Explain:
    1. Make Immolate not consume a Backdraft
    You all know that after you throw a Conflagrate, you should cast Chaos Bolt and 2×Shadow Bolt
    Now that kinda contradicts with Blizzard opinion on destro locks, let's recap
    They wanted to make affliction locks full shadow damage, and destro full fire damage. Now why are we forced to use a Shadow Bolt in our Fire rotation?
    Making Immolate not consume a Backdraft will cause the Incinerate to outrank the Shadow Bolt's damage, meaning there's no more Shadow spells in a Fire tree (duh?!)

    2. Rework Improved Immolate to give some sort of a fire bonus damage debuff
    My personal opinion on Immolate is that it doesn't give full potencial, considering conflagrate consumes it about 8 seconds after being applied.
    I think that it should have the dot removed, and make it a debuff, that would do an initial damage, and debuff the target, giving some sort of a raid/self buff, untill it's consumed by Conflagrate (de/buff ideas welcome!)
    Maybe start off as a low level with immolate just being a normal searing pain like spell, but when u spend 3 points in improved Immolate, you gain a debuff effect to that immolate, that lasts 6/12/18 seconds, or untill it gets consumed by a Conflagrate.

    3. Make Fire & Brimstone enhance Immolate & Confraglate in a completely different way.
    As a reflection to my explanation above, I say again - Immolate shouldn't have a dot effect.
    Now I believe that Blizzard's intention with this talent was to make it benefit conflagrate and immolate.
    My Idea is to make this talent the way, that it needs conflagrate, in order you want to put points in it (little arrow pointing from conflagrate to Fire & Brimstone in your talent tree, for those who didn't understand), and make it buff Conflagrate in a way, that it doesn't consume the debuff from Immolate, but refresh it (also another way to solve problem #1 (look up)).

    Opinions welcome!

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