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    Re: Regarding tailoring

    Quote Originally Posted by Yerbury
    As with TBC, though, I reckon Blizzard will introduce new tailoring BoP recipes as drops from end-game content which will keep tailoring relevant.
    thats where your wrong, as far as im aware, blizzard want to step away from BoP gear, forcing people to keep professions to gear up.

    I imagine all patterns will be BoE with no profession requirement to use.

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    Re: Regarding tailoring

    Quote Originally Posted by spec
    I imagine all patterns will be BoE with no profession requirement to use.
    And that is the reason to NOT level tailoring until you're of the maximum level. Crafting leveling gear was well and good at about...level 35-45. After that, it gets crappy. From what I see of the leveling recipes so far, this continues to be the case, and the level 80 crafted gear, in my absolutely HONEST opinion, is simply not worth the extra effort. Gear that drops in Naxx will be a MUCH larger and better upgrade. Why would you subject yourself to crafting a set that will be replaced quickly in the first tier of raiding?

    Let's take mages for example. They were incredible from Karazhan to SSC due to the spellfire/shadowweave sets. After that, their damage dropped off due to poor gear scaling. History repeats itself, ie: Who is doing exceptionally well in Naxxramas? Hunters/rogues/mages. When will they drop back to middle-man? Who knows, but history tells us it will happen. The point is, those sets were the only reason damage was so great for a mage, warlock or shadow priest. Without it, what will happen when Icecrown hits? You can only be SO "skilled" with button-spams.

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    Re: Regarding tailoring

    Quote Originally Posted by Sathan
    Im a warlock with enchanting so far and Im stuck between engi and tailoring.
    Im not sure but as Iv seen is the new legenchants ONLY for the tailorer so the ones that doesnt get tailoring have to settle with the old legenchants?

    if thats true it feels like a must to get tailoring as a wlock or anyother caster =/
    yes true, you also get tailoring magic carpet flying mount =D main reason for me keeping tailoring... You also get BoP cape enchants although I don't really like them that much i hope they bring out better ones via rep rewards that would be good =D
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    Re: Regarding tailoring

    I agree tailoring is not nearly as impressive as it once was and is still a pain in my ass to lvl, as an already 375 tailor hanging on to it for the flying carpet and the fact every raiding guild needs at least one tailor for resist gear/leg chants is enough for me. I will be reconsidering my choice if nothing more promising is released in the future as the tailor only cloak enchants are not impressive.
    Altho i would like to find a good compilitaion of patterns both trained and rep as the information on tailoring is rather spread out and a lil spotty still (that is unless im mistaken and there really are that few patterns so far) So if anyone knows of a good one pls let me know!
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