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    Is there any difference to Armor and Wep BS?
    Like which items you can socket? or does it matter anymore at all?
    If not which of the quests are easiest and best to complete when powerleveling the proffesion?

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    Re: Blacksmithing

    L2Read threads please.

    In WotLK, there is currently no real difference between Armorsmith and weapon smith.

    The profession page here on MMO-Champ is mostly up to date.

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    Re: Blacksmithing

    Please don't respond with negatives. Wrath is coming out soon and people are going to have last minute questions.

    I have a similar one - but more specific. There have been multiple posts about BS having a specialty bonus for Armorsmith (socket chest with Meta) and Weaponsmith (socket 1H). However, nothing has been verified, and there hasn't been anything new recently.

    I myself want to know if anyone has any updated info on this? Haven't found anything recently.
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    Re: Blacksmithing

    Nothing I've heard of...

    Imo they need to split armorsmithing into 3 things, Chest, Legs, and Shield... Like weaponsmithing, each getting upgradeable bop items for only that type...

    Happy they added shields to blacksmithing, but it could be better =/

    And I'd like a way to actually perhaps make money off blacksmithing?

    Yes... Blacksmiths should be able to repair peoples armor, and we could charge them for it! xD

    Use 1 bar to make like 5 armor repair kits, and only blacksmiths can use them to repair items people have... like, repair via do not trade window...

    Just thoughts, not anything that's gunna happen prolly /sigh

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    Re: Blacksmithing

    It makes sense for blacksmiths to be able to repair someone else's armor. But we all know Blizzard is full of nonsensical whack jobs...

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    Re: Blacksmithing

    About being able to repair peoples gear, like in raid where there are no NPCs who can fix it and such...
    Engineers... repairbots... ring a bell?

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    Re: Blacksmithing

    Players will never be given the ability to repair armor/weapons.

    It's one of the many goldsinks Blizz keeps in place to keep the server economies from insane inflation. (Countered nicely by insane gold from dailies, but whatever, that was still the original plan.)

    Repair bots are still a goldsink, even more so than going to a factioned repair guy.

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