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    375 mandatory to learn Grandmaster

    I've just rerolled JWC and I wont make it to 375 before the Xpack comes out. Will the new trainers teach us the recipes we need in order to get to 375 quickly or will it still be a pain in the neck de cap to 375?

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    Re: 375 mandatory to learn Grandmaster

    Previously, after 375 was made the new max, they changed it so 300 was easier to get to. Most likely they will do something similar this time as well.

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    Re: 375 mandatory to learn Grandmaster

    You will only need to hit 350 before you can learn the next level skill for your professions. If I'm not mistaken, for every level of training you need to be 25 points from your current cap, for every profession. If not, all scribes would be screwed, since the current skill cap is 365. (although, I also bet there will be recipes, glyphs, etc... that can be learned at 350 in northrend making the final 25 skill points to 375 much easier than in BC)

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