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    Quote Originally Posted by Tart
    Could someone link me a disc spec for leveling please. I want to level a bit quicker but ultimately i still want to be able to heal effectively in instances as i will be hitting holy again. I dont like that smiting one as it seemed to be concentrating on dps more then healing.
    wow - couldnt even be bothered looking at the first page eh...
    so anywaay
    I tried Disc - you use sheilds a lot and reduce damage rathere than have big heal numbers. people look at the meters, flex thier epeen and you lose your spot. Warr tanks freak out cos you sheild them and they worry about rage starvation. You are not a very effective raid healer because lets face it WG/CoH/Ch H are all better at that.

    Meh I don't care. Our guild has 2 hardcore tanks - 1x Warr, 1x Pally. Both know I will keep them alive and don't really care how I do it. our Heal officer was a pally who is now ret. The other healy officer is a Druid who has Boomkin pretensions. They have both tried to palm the job off on me (heh heh no chance) and know I show up prepared, pay attention, don't stand in the fire (too often anyway) and will kick thier asses as a S/Priest if they dick me round.

    You see this xpac is not so much about what spec you are - its about the people you bring.

    I'm a healer - I get a raid spot cos I do my job. Not because of the (catagory/(sub catagory)) of the toon I log in as.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelesti
    their "utility" of Grace drops to nil the second you bring in a Protection Paladin. It's fun, but it definitely lacking in something (like mana return on overheal, gg spammers)
    why does it go to nil the moment you bring in a prot pally?

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    Quote Originally Posted by frozenshade
    why does it go to nil the moment you bring in a prot pally?
    blessing of sanc. doesn't stack with grace.


    why do good conversation end up with noobs arguing, i might be totaly high now and not in the mood for forums since live is up and i'm almost 72, but seriously, not that wotlk is almost up, i think i'm the only beta tester on this forums that nablets in these forums didn't 'scare him' away. every time i posted things on beta the reaction was so harsh - - ppl on this forums are kara priests and idiots, i wasted a hell of alot time trying to understand what i am flamed over on this forums? for being from a good guild? for finishing tbc before the nerf? for being good? for having the alpha key and the beta key? for being whispered by gm on beta for logs? i assume for just being all of the above when 90% of these forum users aren't.

    thanks for "reading" my beta posts and allowing a poper descusion, i am soooo happy wotlk is here. just so all the nablets and the ones that envied my answers could have it and stfu. just cause this is the last time i will come to this pathetic forums.

    i only feel sorry that blizz actually read these forums, listening to retards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by frozenshade
    why does it go to nil the moment you bring in a prot pally?
    I didn't know this until I thought about it, but I'm guessing the 3% dmg mitigation from Grace and Blessing of Sanctuary do not stack, under the new buff system. RaidComp has them in the same category,anyway. I wouldn't say it drops to NIL, as long as the 6% increased healing from me is still applied. Nothing to sneeze at.

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    a very good thread about disc atm. might wanna check it out. i actually read thru all the pages despite raiding/staying as shadow.
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    The ensuing debate is so exciting and necessary that I can't stop punching myself in the dick
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    i'd expect the US average to be something obese

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