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    Re: Leveling as destro

    At level 71 you will have enough points to both have a felguard(5% dmg along with 10% demo crit), and still have enough points to scale all the way down destro to 5% crit. Sic the pet, dot em if u like, you dont like it, SB spam em.

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    Re: Leveling as destro

    aye demon tactics ruin will always be a nice spec.. add imp searing pain and the glyph for it, ouches.
    something like so-

    but that's moderatly offtopic
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    Re: Leveling as destro

    I am level 80 now. Levelled as Demo. Its easy - Pull 15/20 mobs or as many as you can, transform into demon and pop immolate, rain of fire if you care and watch them all die and the xp rake in....

    Demo is the levelling spec, You dont need your shadow bolts to hit for 5k when you have a felguard spanking stuff

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    Re: Leveling as destro

    Actually its practically impossible to kill 15-20 mobs every minute. It takes 4.5 (4 for affli) seconds to dot 1 mob, so u just cant dot 20 mobs in one minute and again i dont think u ll survive under 20 mobs kicking u and... i dunno where u can find place with such rapid spawn rate, as for me i always check loot so... . I lvling in demo cuz i hate gankers, so with demo i can defend myself against rogues. Its really easy, also i can do most of group quests by myself, but i lvling solo. I think if u lvling in group or grind dungeons its very convinient to be destro. I was destro whole Vanilla WoW and i like big Crits , but i dont think it's good idea to leveling as destro, at least solo.

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    Re: Leveling as destro

    Mobs have about 10K HP to start and are 12K'ish in icecrown. 4 nukes per single target kill is a horrible way to level. You want efficiency, safety, and versatility. Get to 71 and go felguard w' siphon life. When points allow put 5 in bane for instances or putting up a 4th dot (immo). By the time you are high 70's the higher HP on mobs likes one more dot to kill quickly. (or if you have 3dots and FG on one then 4 dots/fear on another)

    Makes elite quests very doable, will cover for your dps stats dropping like a rock due to increasing level, and does suprising dps on the move. You don't have to stand still ever which is a leveling perk that doesn't show on a spreadsheet.
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    Re: Leveling as destro

    10/12k hp mobs, Mobs in Icecrown spawn very very frequently - I expect blizz to change that soon,

    Mount up - Fly over them (if your level 77) if not you'll have to charge. Drop into the middle of them pop demon form (increase in armour - mobs were hitting me for 40-100 and I had 16000 HP) and pop immolate in demon form, watch them all take stupid damage and pop a seed or a rain of fire and basically just laugh. Worked for me

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    Re: Leveling as destro

    Quote Originally Posted by Gurur
    Actually its practically impossible to kill 15-20 mobs every minute. It takes 4.5 (4 for affli) seconds to dot 1 mob, so u just cant dot 20 mobs in one minute and again i dont think u ll survive under 20 mobs kicking u
    with the spell push back changes i can get off a howl of terror if i feel like i am taking to much dmg. soul link is diminishes the dmg taken and your pet health never drops because of all the dots and fel synergy. not to mention siphon life returns a decent amount of health when u have 1600 spell power (demonic knowledge really starts to give a nice buff as u level ).

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    Re: Leveling as destro

    Quote Originally Posted by dave55man
    Also the spell push back changes are affected independently per mob, so i you have 10 mobs beating on you, you could have a max of 10 seconds of push back >.<
    Doesn't work like that. If it's one mob or 10, untalented you get 2 pushbacks of 0.5 seconds each before immunity.

    And destro is fail for leveling solo. I had t6 and equivalent gear going into the expansion, and it's so mana inefficient. It works okay for the first couple levels, but every level its effectiveness decreases dramatically. Zero downtime is a myth. Because of the unreliability of crits, you'll be using conflag and Shadowburn to finish off alot of mobs, which are the most mana inefficient spells. You should be able to go 10-12 mobs without drinking assuming chain pulling, by then of course your health and mana will be <25%. That makes it an incredible liability in a pvp realm.

    As Felguard/SL, you're actually getting a health surplus from having multiple mobs on you. And every mob dies in 3 GCDs, less if you spec Improved Curse. Destro cannot even come close to matching that. And its effectiveness does not decrease with level gains, I'm level 78 now and Agony/SL/Corr still kills mobs by themselves, a couple seconds after Corruption ticks off. When there's no mobs left, go around and loot while the last remaining mobs die.

    The only bad part is it requires you to find multiple mobs to achieve max efficiency and effectiveness. As destro you can find solitary mobs and make short work of them, with FG/SL you'll be skipping over 1 and 2 mob packs because it's just not worth it.

    TL;DR: FG/SL is unquestionably the best solo leveling spec, Destro is the worst. Conversely, the more party members you have, the less effective FG/SL is and the better Destro becomes.

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