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    Leatherworking Specializations

    Just a thought. Are they planing on doing anything with LW specs, i.e. Tribal and Drangonscale, and Elemental? Not sure if I've heard anything on that.

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    Re: Leatherworking Specializations

    Ive been digging around trying to fine stuff as well.

    My main concern is that I am an Eng/LW (no need for gathering once 70 ;D ), but now im a bit screwed leveling either. If there isnt anything BoP for LWers later on, may as well drop it again and redo mining

    Ahwell, will wait and see


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    Re: Leatherworking Specializations

    Um... The LW BoP stuff is awesome... I've had my bracers and legs embossed since friday and its amazingly economical compared to TBC enchants and armor kits.

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