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    fishing past 375

    what do i need to do to get fishing past 375?

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    Re: fishing past 375

    Train it in Northrend, and you can probably go back to your city and fish crap, but why if you are a 70 anyway, go fish in Northrend and get something you can sell (fishing will be a hot ticket right now with all the cooks wanting to level some)
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    Re: fishing past 375

    you can get some levels off some TBC recipes so those are best done first :P


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    Re: fishing past 375

    If your alliance there is a fishing trainer in Howling Fjord very close to the dock that you arrive at. Not sure about tundra since I havent been there yet but I would assume there is one there as well. It aint too cheap either, think it was 50g to train past 375.

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    Re: fishing past 375

    For the Horde there's a trainer at the dock in Vengeance Landing.

    Your best tactic for actually skilling up would probably be to fish right there. Northrend fish is going to be worth a lot early on, due to people skilling cooking, wanting the buff food for instances and speedy grinding, and the fact that very few people will have even started skilling up their fishing yet.
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    Re: fishing past 375

    Quote Originally Posted by forgoten
    what do i need to do to get fishing past 375?
    I did 375-450 last night from 12-8am.

    I recommend that u have atleast 475 skill after buffs, i.e. use the hooks from the dailies or aquadynamic fish attractors
    then I just went to Howling Fjord. You need to be in OPEN water such as near the boats in the Fjord
    This water can take you straight to 450.
    Also you need ridiculous patience, I was getting a level sometimes around 13-15 fish so its still very slow.
    At even 440 skill you can still have fish escape so use rod buffs all the way.

    also tbh I was dissappointed that there was no achievement for getting 450 skill was harder than other professions (psychologically atleast)

    Here's a useful resource too, El's Anglin': http://www.elsanglin.com/


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