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    Re: Corrupted Ground

    I always wondered why the hunter pet healing spell (Mend Pet) was a simple hot which they can also spec to be a cleanse, whilst the warlock equivalent is a channeled spell.

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    Re: Corrupted Ground

    Mend Demon 8)

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    Re: Corrupted Ground

    damn now this thread becomes a fun talent thread but why not ;D take this:

    Melt Souls
    20% Base mana 100yard
    Instant 3mins

    The Life of the Warlock and of his Demon are melting together they share 1 Lifepool for 15sec
    based on (Warlock life + Daemon Life + 200% Spelldamage). After 15sec the Lifes get splitted up
    on the Warlock and his Demon. can be used while Stunned, Fear, Sheep or Silenced.

    or better a new demontree talent ;D

    Your Life is mine.

    When your demon dies while Casting Health Funnel. U Gain XX % of ur life ( or maybe mana) and the
    casttime for your Summon Demon Spells is Reduced for XX %

    or even better ^^

    Ritual of Flesh
    20% Base Mana 10Yards
    Channeled 2mins CD

    While Channeling u gain 1% of your life per second but u must be near the corpse of your dead
    demon. When the Spell is interrupted u instantly gain 10% of your life

    @ Taurion : Because Hunter rly rly love their sweet cat [I don´t know why hunter can choose their pet Come on 99,999993% of the Hunter use this fucking HE-MAN-CAT]its a hot so hunter just need to push a button when the hot is gone ^^ the rest of the time they are AUTO-SHOT-AFK they only come back to roll for +spelldamage equip for theire arkane shot. Just kidding no Hunters = Easy to learn hard to Master so respect o all Hunter-Master ^^ now with wotlk we have a new kiddy class something like death death ah deathtards
    Plate-Hunter-with-healing pretty challenging class [I know hard to master but if a class can win so easy it deserve get flamed]

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    Re: Corrupted Ground

    Quote Originally Posted by buddybone
    @ Myzou

    Great idea but I´m not sure but a other (or the same) blizzard guy wrote a warlock should play with a pet and
    it shouldnt be sacrificed 90% of the time its a petclass so the nerfed the "OLD" Demon Sacrifice so warlocks
    would never Spec it.

    Maybe Blizzard likes it and we will see soon Demon-Warlocks 1vs1 first the do is both sacrifice their demon for short buff.

    The other u postet would be a second Demon Empowerment bit unrealistic but why not.^^
    Actually, it would just replace Demonic Sacrifice (where it is int he talent tree), it would be a passive ability. In order to force an ultimatum as to if killing a warlocks pet is worth the side effects.

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    Re: Corrupted Ground

    I agree some spell to replace sacrifice in Demo that either does:

    An increase somehow to pet survivability
    Some mechanic to make an opponent think whether its worth knocking off the pet, this could either be a debuff or proc from the demon dying, or a buff to the warlock.

    I know that there is already a relatively deep demo talent for reducing pet damage, but having another mechanic not as deep in would allow destro/affliction to get some pet survivability without completely gimping themselves.

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    Re: Corrupted Ground

    Quote Originally Posted by MMage
    i dont think there is a word that is horrible enough to describe retarded people such as u.
    u obviously have no idea about the warlock class and the fact its now the squishiest class of all(ALL) and the fact this guy isnt even QQing at all and only made a very nice and original suggestion that is in no way overpowered and infact i think its horribly underpowered compared to what other classes have.

    i am not a warlock, but i am not blind.
    They are not the 'squishiest' class at all.

    They are squishy, outside of demon form ofc..

    Problem is you already have a bunch of new ways to deal with this stuff, and PvP at 80 has not even begun to be properly tested. Posts like this also frustrate me, purely because they are invalid. I do play a warlock. Not as a main. I do not play a lot. 80 is some way away.

    My SP will always be twice as squishy as warlock.

    All I will say is that commenting on warlocks in PvP before anyone even has a full PvP set is a bit meaningless.

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    Re: Corrupted Ground

    SP as squishy as a admit to not playing a have you played since 3.0.x? I'm 80 on my lock, have friends who are 80's and though we don't have the pvp gear we can test things on each other well enough. No...we don't have the resilience gear but we don't have the dps gear either so its closer than you think. I've not taken my priest to 80 yet but have had her at 70 for awhile in 3.0 so I'll give a comparison. Both have had issues but SP's gained a good bit.

    SP have an escape, dmg reduction, and mana regen called dispersion... Shadowform, inner fire, untalented instant aoe fear, silence. SP's have much for free that locks have to blow a ton of skill points for.

    Meta is a joke and so far demo circle is VERY iffy. Our only mitigation comes from our pets which die about as quick as your shadowfiend. IF you have pvp'd seriously you'd know the difference in how easy to kill a lock pet is vs a hunter pet. DK ghouls look like they are going to be a real pain but I haven't faced an 80 one yet.

    I'm fine w' a non demo pet being far squishier but if you spec demo your pet is so much of your setup its basically a 0/0/0 spec w/o a pet. If I'm destro I have some nice nuke abilities if my pet dies, if I'm affliction I've got dots and better fears to fall back on, if I'm demo and my pet dies I've got weak versions of everything else so basically nothing.

    I'm not asking for unkillable pets, just something that isn't an instagib for 9/10 classes or 10/10 classes. IF blizz wants our pets this squishy in PVP then the master needs to be buffed to survive w/o them. Since that would take a large mechanics overhaul I'd say its better to just buff the pets. Not like they do anything outrageous in raids or solo'ing. Hell...only a felguard can kill a mob unaided. The others get beat down before they can kill off one non elite mob of the same level. Our pets themselves are not dangerous to another character in the slightest. In pvp I doubt they'd do as much dmg as one dot so why must they be that fragile? If blizz thinks we can summon back so easily (clearly they have never tried to w' melee in their face) why not make demo sac work to where if your pet is killed you have a buff for 5 seconds to instant summon another one. Blizz said they hated us sacc'ing our pets... Put a cooldown on it (can't proc more than once per 30 seconds) or something.

    Blizz may be getting smarter about PVE balance but they are still clueless for PVP tweaks. I also suspect there is some pop culure discrimination to "omfg nerf locks" when we are perhaps the weakest class in PVP. They talk about how bad hunters have it but their weak points are better than the stuff we can only dream of. Itemization suggests we will not be the caster tanks anymore so if blizz doesn't do something to aid our survival it will be a very frustrating S5.

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