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    Pre-WOTLK leatherworking "gap-fill" recipes

    I didn't check too overly hard for this, but I noticed that there aren't the stop-gap recipes for leatherworkers to get someone from approximately 360-375 in skill to get into the WOTLK recipes.

    How long did it take before the TBC 275-300 recipes (draenic/runic gear) were added in after the TBC launched? Or did I just not look hard enough and there actually are some recipes to vault through 360-375 without rep grinding for drum patterns?

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    Re: Pre-WOTLK leatherworking "gap-fill" recipes

    dont the WOTLK leatherworking recipes start at 350 to fill the gap?

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    Re: Pre-WOTLK leatherworking "gap-fill" recipes


    Not sure where the horde trainer is, but there are at least 2 or 3 patterns that you train at 350 and don't even go to yellow until 385. Well...I never actually bothered to learn their color coding scheme for trainers since I rarely use those windows on wowhead...so the leveling range may be off, but there are patterns from 350. Sorry if your mileage is not great. I was 375 when I got off the boat so I'm not sure.

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