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    Voidwalker Tanking

    So I am leveling like everyone else, and I figured that I would pull out my old voidwalker rather than face-tanking while leveling. Soon I realized that the voidwalker is HORRIBLE at everything it does. It fails at every aspect of being a pet, mainly at being the tank that it is supposed to be. It cannot hold aggro through more than Siphon Life, and the other abilities are a joke. I am not even convinced that the AoE taunt causes aggro. Health funnel heals for roughly twice that of Devour Shadows, and the bubble... well, it might be useful if it didn't take up my pet and reagents, and time, and etc...

    So, is there any hope for a voidwalker being a halfway useful tanking pet, or is my only hope speccing demonology for a felguard?

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    Re: Voidwalker Tanking


    If you want your own tank, go demo.

    Otherwise you're better off with an imp.

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    Re: Voidwalker Tanking

    respec demo

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    Re: Voidwalker Tanking

    Is there any benefit to being affliction, given that I don't have any trouble regaining health while fighting in the world?

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    Re: Voidwalker Tanking

    Try respecing siphonlife/felguard. Theres a thread somewhere here about it.

    Edit: The thread is on the top of the warlock page. >.<

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    Re: Voidwalker Tanking

    Siphon life / Felgaurd is where it's at. Voidwalker's only use, and I do mean only, is tanking Elite's, and the only way to do that is health funnel the entire time, with the occasional dot being put up making sure not to go over his threat. Otherwise use felgaurd. If you are affliction, just use Felhunter. You get the Fel Intelligence buff, and spell lock, and you can devour some things off yourself. Siphon Life / Felgaurd owns AFF though.

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    Re: Voidwalker Tanking

    I using ONLY CoA, Corr, SL and health Funnel... when I have Void or Felguard... they can do max aggro 500 TPS... I am Demo speced... Yes they are horribles tanks, when Blizzard want do from Void normal elite tank, they give him 1000+ TPS.
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    Re: Voidwalker Tanking

    the voidwalker is great for tanking, in terms of armour / hp etc.

    the major problem, as everyone says above, is threat.

    Its threat can barely out TPS your health funnel, to keep him up, let alone dps.

    they should of kept it with the demonic empowerment bug :P

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    Re: Voidwalker Tanking

    Demo spec he has huge tanking stats....unfortunately his TPS was nerfed so much you have a hard time staying ahead of the healing aggro. If going demo go 21/41/x +X and play it like SL/SL pvp but you have a felguard to do some actual dmg and get threat via dps vs taunts. As long as you have imp health funnel he'll live through more than you'd ever expect. (ie what would kill him would kill the VW too)

    The upside of wotlk is there are so many quests you don't have to do the group ones. So play what makes ya happy as you'll be at it for awhile. If you have a rogue to TotT or hunter misdirect then its a fine tank but failing that the threat doesn't keep up. You CAN mix in a shatter when you pull aggro but its a one time and short'ish fix.
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    Re: Voidwalker Tanking

    The only reason i used a VW to level 70-80 is because it kept one mob off me, and because it survived quite a while -> i didn't had to focus on healing him as much as i would with the other pets

    ah btw, i was leveling as Unstable Affliction/soul link build, and i'm glad that's over :b

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    Re: Voidwalker Tanking

    Just for giggles I helped a rogue buddy catch up on his group quests in stormpeak and icecrown....

    Voidwalker tanked everything no problems. 2 manned the 5 person quests no problem. He was using tricks of the trade to pump my void's threat. While under improved health funnel he could take an unbelieveable beating. I'd put up 2 or 3 dots and funnel...he'd go mc'stabby....gg.

    Was demo specc'd btw. If the VW has the threat he can take the beating. Other than that he bites in terms of a useful pet.
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    Re: Voidwalker Tanking

    The Voidwalker tanked elites through to 80 just fine for me as SL/FG.

    He does like 500 TPS, I keep curse of weakness up to lower the health funnel aggro, then SL and Corr. Sometimes I through in a Immolate or Shadow Bolt when he gets like 5k threat above me. Time your AOE taunts for when DE is up.

    The threat is a small price to pay for him being able to tank any elite in the game. Literally the only quests I couldn't easily solo were the Ring of Blood mark 2 and 3 quests (I soloed the first 2 Grizzly ones, the third one drops tank aggro, which screws the blueberry. Didn't try the Zul'drak ones.).
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    Re: Voidwalker Tanking

    Like the person above states, blue is awesome for tanking elites (even though it takes a while).

    Hes horrible for trash mobs so IMO, youre better off just drain tanking them with felpup/imp out.
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