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    Engi BoP Enchants/Attachments


    Does anyone know if there will be any nice BoP Attachments crafted by the engineer profession?
    I, as a rogue, am Engineer since the very beginning but never really used it.
    Now I'm thinking about dropping it for skinning and with lvl 80 drop mining for leather

    What I'd really hate would be if Engineering is going to get a huge buff and there'll be a nice collection of BoP Stuff like Beltattachements and stuff.

    Any Infos out there?

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    Re: Engi BoP Enchants/Attachments

    The only belt attachment (and only belt "enchant" in the game) is a pair of "binoculars" (no actual graphic) that function as a mote cloud detector and have an on-use effect like a telescope.

    Your cape and boots may now be "enchanted" with a parachute and rocket boosters, respectively. Gloves can be fitted with a rocket launcher or a very high-magnitude, on-use, haste "trinket" effect.

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    Re: Engi BoP Enchants/Attachments

    There's another belt attachment that stuns mechanicals. There are haste and a rocket launcher attachments for gloves as well.

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    Re: Engi BoP Enchants/Attachments

    I'm loving my parachute, questing in northrend it helps me a lot: no more falling deaths, no more "have to find a way down", just jump and open it.

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