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    Heroic Halls of Lightning

    Slight issue with Loken (last boss) from holy paladin pov,

    Ability #1: Corrupt aura type ability, periodic damage dealt to party depending on how far they are from boss. Closer means less damage.

    Ability #2: Lightning Nova, like murmur, just run from it, BUT in doing so you increase damage taken from ability #1

    Ability #3 (heroic only): Debuff on Random party member, lightning damage deatl to target and every1 near them.

    So... you all stand ontop of the boss to reduce damage, and this is heroic so you're taking about 500-1000dmg every couple of seconds from his aura. Also tank is taking a beating for 2-3k a shot (full t6 prot war). Lightning nova begins to cast (3secs to run and if u're 0.1 seconds too slow, due to heroic, its 1shot aoe dmg for every1) so you can holy shock spam whoever needs it (beacon of light is up on tank always so tank + random gets a heal during nova due to inability to stand still and cast). If you're lucky enough to survive that, loken goes and gives sum1 a debuff that does a lot of damage to all those standing near his debuff'd target. Tank is still taking damage, you still have to run to and from the boss over and over again to avoid nova, the party is taking so much damage that if u just stood still and watched, the whole party would drop in about 4 seconds.

    How the flying fuck am I meant to do this? I just dont see any REALISTIC solutions to this... all i can think is reroll shammy or priest for aoe healing. Is this the start of Blizzard making holy pala inferior to other healing classes now? holy pala was renowned for big heals and an endless mana pool with enough crit. Thats alrede been smacked with a nerfbat but thanks to Belf racial, new JC mana back trinket and divine plea, paladins can heal endlessly (almost). But with the stupid mechanics of very expensive buffs that are nessessity (beacon of light) lasting only 1min... the whole endless mana pool is starting to fade already. Beacon of light lasting 1minute for the cost of 1300 mana >.>

    Anyway back to topic. Loken, heroic, any holy paladins offer help? my best attempt was that i kept every1 topped off for 1st aoe, had to bubble through the 2nd one due to so much party wide damage and 3rd aoe took me out.

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    Re: Heroic Halls of Lightning

    My only advice would be haveing people who can help heal themselves in the group which IMO makes it look bad for the healer, but being a ret pally doing dungeons 2-3 lvls higher than my entire group i've had to throw some off heals myself not to say that the healer was bad but the fights were just that type of aoe damage like 2nd boss in Gun'drak.

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    Re: Heroic Halls of Lightning


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    Re: Heroic Halls of Lightning

    We are in the first week of xpac. If you could down heroic bosses in gear 10 levels old while watching tv and rolling face on your keyboard that would be a problem. What you encountered is not a problem its to be expected.

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    Re: Heroic Halls of Lightning

    Quote Originally Posted by neh0e
    GeT teH FuX0Rz OuT of TeH ThReAdZ PliZ!!!1
    Quote Originally Posted by Furkel View Post
    There's always, ALWAYS a "huge uproar" about anything Blizz does, usually from people who either don't entirely understand the thing they're complaining about, or refuse to acknowledge that most players are perfectly okay with the current state of affairs. Whenever people complain that they don't listen to feedback it mostly means "they don't listen to ME ME ME".
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    Re: Heroic Halls of Lightning

    Quote Originally Posted by Somnio
    GeT teH FuX0Rz OuT of TeH ThReAdZ PliZ!!!1
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