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    Fire PvP--anyone tried it yet?

    I know most people are still busy leveling up, but I'm wondering if anyone has been trying out fire spec for PvP yet? How is the tree shaping up? What spells do you use most often in BG, Arena, world PvP?

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    Re: Fire PvP--anyone tried it yet?

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    Re: Fire PvP--anyone tried it yet?

    I believe that it's all about keeping the enemy away from you at all costs since you dont have ice shield or a sufficent mana sheild. Blastwave, Dragon's Breath, Frost Nova, and Blink should provide you with enough time to get away from melee, cast your spells, and when they get close again, use the next form.

    Blastwave and Dragon's Breath are great against casters due to the fact it interupts casting, in which you just open up. Using Counterspell for heals and last ditch efforts due to its annoying cooldown.

    I personally use scorch due to its quick casting time and in cases were the enemy is attacking another person fireball, using fireblast whenever the cooldown is over. Living Bomb isn't that good unless your in a battleground that's in a nasty turtle. That goes with the same for (forgot talent name) where you can get an instant flamestrike.
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    Re: Fire PvP--anyone tried it yet?

    I like the video a lot, but pretty much everyone will agree fire is awesome for BG's. I am interested in arena. Any arena fire mage vids? Or experiances that show that fire mages are actually viable for arena now?

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    Re: Fire PvP--anyone tried it yet?

    Personally, I will always be a fire mage, i without a doubt prefer it over frost, it much more fits my playstyle.

    As for pvp, I am not so sure about now, but i do think that with two good players, fire is very viable in pvp. I for one was able to get in the 1800's with a friend who was disc priest before the xpack. (and realize we had worse than season 1 gear at the time).

    As for pvp videos, just look at spit's 2v2 dual fire mage video... probably some of the most skilled pvp iv seen since vurtune days. They are way over the 2000+ range in arena, but again this is at lvl 70. I reccomend downloading the higher quality too to see how he plays.

    Here's the link:


    Just sit back and enjoy the awesomeness of fire mages.

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    Re: Fire PvP--anyone tried it yet?

    Dear fire brothers let us not forget combustion when speaking critting
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