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    Looking for a DoT addon


    After being disc for a long time I respecced to shadow with 75 for the awesomeness that is mindsear. Anyway I am looking for a good addon to track dots in instances. I tried DoTimers yesterday which does everything very smoothly, BUT one thing.

    I'd like an addon that tracks the remaining time of my dots on all the mobs, but also enables me to klick on one of the mobs on the list and then have it targeted, so I can refresh the dots. Is there something like that available?
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    Re: Looking for a DoT addon

    im shadow since bc and such a mod never existed ( yes i did search after, and obviously didnt found:< )

    There are couple of Mods which u can use and the probly only multidoting Mod is Dotimer which i used the whole bc along. But i became very slow.. and i didnt like the profiles managment.

    So i searched a new one since i dont know how to disable misery etc on quartz, so quartz wasnt an option, i found classtimer which is very good imo.

    but i cant track more the 2 mobs... so if u need a multidoting mod u have to keep dotimer:>

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    Re: Looking for a DoT addon

    They can't do that anymore. It was probably possible before TBC but they changed how things work and you can no longer target from dynamic frames like that (to break things like the old Emergency Monitor).

    I personally use Yatba and prefer it to Dotimer (which I used for ages).
    ForteXorcist is also a good one and has support for Shadow Priests. http://www.fortegaming.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=31

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    Re: Looking for a DoT addon

    I use ClassTimer. It can only track two mobs, but that shouldn't be an issue. Tracking DoT's on three mobs isn't too hard to do manually, and with any more than 3 mobs you're better off just spamming Mind Sear and forgetting DoT's all together imo.

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