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    Alch Questions

    My questions probably been answered for.. I've searched the forum but without luck.

    First of i've read tons of times that Mixology didn't work on flasks or elixirs you didn't create yourself.
    I tested it tonight with some old mark of illidari flasks and elixirs and they are all given double durations. Now my questions is, is this a bug? or did they change mixology?
    Why does it matter? If its only on flasks selfmade i would pick elixir mastery since i would make my flasks myself, but if i can just get my guild mates to craft them for me i will go transmuter since their is a huge lack of those.

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    Re: Alch Questions

    I think Mixology work on flasks/elixirs that you actualy can MAKE(not which you made by yourself).That mean if you got recipe for lets say flask of relentless assault,and got one from friend/illidari marks,it should get double effect too.Dont know if its true,but thats how i get this ability.

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    Re: Alch Questions

    That doesnt axplain it since i don't know any flasks yet

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    Re: Alch Questions

    Quote Originally Posted by Feritas
    That doesnt axplain it since i don't know any flasks yet
    Maybe it is better explained with you having the SKILL to make them? Meaning you are are level enough in alchemy you just don't have the recipe.
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    Re: Alch Questions

    Im pretty sure it is the ability to make them potion or flask that allows you to get the extra duration. I'm not trying to call you a liar or anything.. but when I use a mark of the illidari it does NOT increase the duration even though I know all of the flask recipies. I will try again tonight since I haven't used one since wotlk came out.. but it did not work before.

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    Re: Alch Questions

    I dont know how to make the flask, i dont have the skill to get it.. And it still works.

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