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    Disc healing and Rage/mana generation

    so wrath has been out for a while and im lvling disc/shadow so i can heal inst, but every time i have a non-dk tank i get bitched at for casting pw:s on them. I thought blizz fixed this by letting rage generate though shield? also I absolutely love this tree and want to raid as it wen i hit 80, but i wont be taken as it because our mt is a warr, wo wat do i do? go holy? its kinda ridicules that blizz tried so hard to fix this tree to be a viable raiding spec, but when it comes to picking me over a holy paly, its no contest. plz someone tell me all those tanks are just imagining there rage not generating fast enof

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    Re: Disc healing and Rage/mana generation

    What they say:
    Blah blah, can't generate rage.
    What patch notes say
    In reality though, they fixed it and just forgot to tell everyone. Maybe they should make sure their glyphed revenge hits before they use heroic strike spam >.>

    I've seen tanks bubbled with Divine Aegis and/or Power Word: Shield through entire pulls, and had full rage bars.

    Also, Prot Paladins are not something you have to worry about, as they have a new regen mechanic that doesn't require them to be healed to gain mana (except on casters, but thats' a whole nother ball game)
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    Re: Disc healing and Rage/mana generation

    all right ty so much, ill try and convince my gm... prob not goin to happen cause he will still choose a shamy or a paly over me, oh well :-\

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    Re: Disc healing and Rage/mana generation

    Easy solution a) change guilds, healers are always in demand.

    Easy solution b) Take your tank, give him a shield, tell him to do NOTHING, let him be hit by mobs while shielded. Watch his rage bar grow. Watch tank being suprised at gaining rage through a shield. Gloat at non-knowing GM for being completely wrong and an asshole.

    I'd prefer option b.
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