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    Pvp Gear in Wotlk

    Seems unbalanced.

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    Re: Pvp Gear, would like a blue reply if possible

    This is a troll post. Do not respond to it.

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    Re: Pvp Gear, would like a blue reply if possible

    i didnt bother to read it all but im sure it could have been summarized into a few short paragraphs after removing all the irrelevant tidbits and bias opinions.

    Anyway, you wont get a blue reply at mmo-champion buddy. Perhaps posting in a WorldofWarcraft forum would actually help. ???

    You are simply going to get `wall of text-ish` remarks here :

    Wall of Text crits you for 90000000
    Bored059 dies.

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    Re: Pvp Gear in Wotlk

    you sound like you wanna play a mage.

    I had a friend who used Mage as a main for PvP,
    but he was forced to level a WLK due to its OPness in TBC.
    though, he never really got to a level where he was using a Mage.

    So it really comes down to which class you are skilled at.

    as a warrior, I dont want any WLK's complaining about the amount of HP they have,
    some of u have more HP than a warrior. and that wasnt right.

    just wait till ppl hit 80 and decide.
    for now, i wouldnt enage in any serious pvp as its useless.

    same as someone whining at lv 60-69 bracket wsg. who cares? right

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    Re: Pvp Gear in Wotlk

    How about something useful....the tailoring PVP gear (blue). Thoughts?
    User has been banned permanently for trolling.

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