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    Hi Everyone

    Currently just got my inscriptions to 415 and the only thing left to train is Scroll of Agility 8. I have seen info on websites about "

    Does anyone know if this was removed? or will it be added later?


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    Re: Inscription

    The tooltip said it was trainable at 240. I haven't seen it anywhere, nor seen anything that needed it. Pretty sure it was removed.

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    Re: Inscription

    currently at 444 inscription. the pain is beginning to get unbearable... cant think straight anymore... mats.... such a pain to get... if it goes green at 445... might have to hang self in... disapointing rage...

    nope havent seen anything about that Decipher yet. its a shame thoug. seemed like a good concept thoug still riddles as to what it could have done.

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