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    x2 Frostweave cloth as tailoring.

    I've heard (think i read it somewhere to) about those who have Tailoring would get x2 cloth from mobs in northrend, but it seems i dont get the extras. I've checked both the trainer in Warsong hold and Dalaran but a recipie doesnt exist for me. So is it true or is it just bullshit? And if it's true where do I get the recipie?

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    Re: x2 Frostweave cloth as tailoring.

    You buy it for 5g, for the horde its a quest in Warsong Hold in Boring Tundra, I don't know about the alliance

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    Re: x2 Frostweave cloth as tailoring.


    This ability can also currently be learned by completing a quest given by the Grand Master Tailoring Trainer. The quest requires that you pay 5g.

    Looks like in beta it was a drop, but for me on live it was a gossip option from the master tailor in the howling fjord (horde side starting camp).
    I'd imagine the master tailors across the starter zones on both factions will have this ability

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    Re: x2 Frostweave cloth as tailoring.

    thanks guys

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    Re: x2 Frostweave cloth as tailoring.

    Hi everyone

    Further to this post, I am a tailor and did complete this quest when arriving in Northrend (tailoring was at 375).

    However, most of the time that forstweave cloth appears as loot, there is only one piece. Is the 'x2' an aggregate over time, or is there something wrong?

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    Re: x2 Frostweave cloth as tailoring.

    During our runs last night..I would get 1 MAYBE 2 on a rare drop. Our tailor would get like 4-6 when it dropped for him.
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    Re: x2 Frostweave cloth as tailoring.

    I'm pretty sure its a chance on cloth drop to get more. Like for example occasionly I'll see a cloth drop in an instance which yields 7 cloth. Those make me happy.
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    Re: x2 Frostweave cloth as tailoring.

    It's not always x2 drop rate.
    But for my tailor, even after someone looted the mob, it would sparkle for me and I could loot a piece of cloth off of it. Other than that think of it as an "Improved" drop rate.
    Not only that but as StickYou posted a Tailor can sometimes from instances pick up 6 to 8 pieces of cloth
    from a single mob.

    The alliance (my tailor) purchase the skill for 5 gold at the tailoring trainer in Valiance Keep. It appears as if it was a quest.

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