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    Orc Deathknight Stun Reduction

    With Hardiness and On a Pale Horse, an Orc Death Knight has 15% and 20% stun reductions stacking multiplicatively. If you combine that with a meta gem for additional 15% stun reduction, does it continue to stack multiplicatively for a positive return on your racial, talent and gem, or do the fractions get rounded off to a point where one or more of the percentages are effectively worthless?

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    Re: Orc Deathknight Stun Reduction

    Right, but what I don't understand is how the fractions are handled for a 1 second, 2 second or 3 second stun etc. where the 42.2% leaves a question of whether or not one or more of the percentages isn't contributing because the fraction is rounded off. For instance does Hardiness and On a Pale Horse have the same affect on a stun as Hardiness, On a Pale Horse and Meta Gem because the stun reduction is being rounded down to the nearest second, half second etc. How does the WoW engine handle fractions of Stun Duration?

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