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    tailor cloaks

    What do you guys think about the tailorbound cloakenchants? are they better then the enchanting ones for cloak or not?

    I personally love them, chance to get 300 mana on cast is the one i'm going for.

    I ask this because on some other forum somewhere a guy says enchanting ones are better, i dont have good overview of cloak enchants yet from wotlk, and sofar for tailorinng theres only three, chance to restore mana, chance to get attack power or chance to inflict a curse to your target.

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    Re: tailor cloaks

    no they are in fact pretty poor, well they ARE poor. their internal cd is quit long. If you wanne go for the mana one i think it was just a few mp5 sadly. Same with all of them, the innternal cd make the procs come to seldom for them to be a really good perc.
    Many will skip tailoring cos they simply dont want smt better for raiding but if you aint hardcore raider then keep it, its better than nothing
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    Re: tailor cloaks

    bakis is right about the cloak embroidering, it fails,THNX BLIZZ, tailoring pretty much fails cept for the awesomeness of the flying carpet that blizz actually did a good job on. we are still THE ONLY proffession which has an awesome 4 day cd for the cloths required to make cool epics which btw aren't worth making given the time needed and the lack of miles you will get out of these sets. I think im more pissed off about being stuck with tailoring (im guild tailor required to make the resist gear) than i was initially about the railing they did to my warlock (which was partially fixed...). GG blizz u suck

    (ps. i know that was a bunch of qq but 2 hrs of forums later and im apparently not the only lock currently hating blizz)
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