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    Does Ignite roll again?

    I didn't always play Mage I just rerolled one for WotLK.

    I think "Rolling" ignites were just the damage stacking on top of the previous ignite causing the old ignite damage to stack with the new ignite damage.

    I recall hearing that Rolling ignites did not exist in TBC.

    Now I'm FFB fire spec and from what I see it looks like ignite is rolling again. But since I don't really have past experience with it, I don't know if its rolling again...

    ...Is it?

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    Re: Does Ignite roll again?


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    Re: Does Ignite roll again?

    Each mage gets his own Ignite debuff on a target. It is no longer possible to have multiple mages rolling a single large Ignite on a target.
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    Re: Does Ignite roll again?

    No, they are not.

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    Re: Does Ignite roll again?

    You understandabely were a bit confused. Here is what people talk about when they talk about "rolling" ignites.

    In Vanilla WoW, Pre Burning Crusade when there were multiple mages with the ignite talent in a raid there were massive aggro issues. This was because mage one would crit, creating an ignite. however, when mage 2,3,4 and 5 all crit, they DID NOT create seperate ignites, instead their ignite damage all got rolled into the first ignite. Imagine how high your ignites tick for now? 2000ish? That's 10,000 with 5 mages and rolling ignites. Aggro nightmare.

    In TBC this was changed. Now each mage creates their own ignite. They still count all spells that crit, however. What I mean by that is...

    Time 0: Scorch Crit -> ignite for 4 seconds
    Time 1.5: Scorch Crit -> ignite for 4 seconds (first ignite 2.5 secs left)
    Time 3: Scorch Crit -> ignite for 4 seconds (first ignite 1 second left) (second ignite 2.5 seconds left)
    Time 4.5: Scorch Crit -> ignite for 4 seconds (second ignite 2.5 seconds left) (first ignite worn off)

    While they only create one debuff per mage, it basically works like the above- i.e. If i crit back to back I still get the ignite debuff. Otherwise this spec's damage would be way down the tubes.

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    Re: Does Ignite roll again?

    Like honage said, our Ignites does roll -with itself-

    When people are talking about rolling ignites, they meant the vanilla wow ones.
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    Re: Does Ignite roll again?

    :P tho we are still w8ing for the long wanted fix to ignite. when 2 spells land a crittical hit simultaniously (which happens alot if your latency isent the best) one of the ignites will be compleatly overwriten/skipped. :P duno about how much this is in actual dmg but i read it can be up to a 5% dmg loss at worst.

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    Re: Does Ignite roll again?

    oh snap, i thought this thread was about smoking greens..

    wow was i disappointed

    man alts are addicting

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