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    Retribution Tank

    Tried it yesterday for the 1st time.
    Not even the slightest problems.

    Lv74 Ret Pala (even fully Ret-DD spec!)
    Almost 1800 AP
    Around 25% Crit
    15500~ Armor
    Avoidence/Block/Parry between 11%~13% (lol)
    Only like 65% of my equip is Tank-equip.

    Recount said i recived over 80% of the Parties DMG.
    Almost 1100 DPS.

    Of course i dun Block as much as Prot-Palas and get some more DMG, but aggro-management was very easy.

    Sure, i could go spec Prot to be an even better Tank, but since im actually Retribution DD and dual-spec ain't here yet, this is a great idea to roll up to 80 when looking for Groups.

    Trust me, Ret friends, you CAN Tank (with ease!) every Instance on your way to 80.
    Just get some Blue Quest Tank items and a decent 1h sword (example: The blue WANTED Quest Reward in Zul'Dhrak).
    Be sure you do not waste too much of your AttackPower and Crit. It's a huge Aggro boost.
    Also make sure to drop your Leather/Mail stuff that u might be using to DPS.

    The Tank rotation ist almost exactly the same as your DD rotation.
    Judgement > Consecration > Divine Storm > Crusader Strike
    Use Seal of Vengance/Corrpution! Divine Storm will affect up to 4 mobs with it's debuff!
    In addition: Get yourself a Taunt Makro.

    Try it, you'll like it.

    -Kishin from Germany-

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    Re: Retribution Tank

    I agree, especially in leveling instances a ret can tank just fine.

    I did Ahn'Kahet with a 73 ret pally tanking, and the mobs stuck to him like glue, and we didn't wipe once.

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    Re: Retribution Tank

    What helps in a Ret tanking is Art of War. Being able to toss off that self-heal every so often.
    Switching Judgements between light and wisom as needed.
    You can definately work it.
    "My rage bar is blue, and I start the fight pissed!" - Battlecry of the Ret Paladin.
    "The best defense is a good offense." - Motto of the Ret Paladin.
    River Below - Billy Talent - Theme Song of the Ret Paladin.

    DK Death Strike Tanking
    The Power of Avoidance! - DK Tank Required Reading
    DK AP Coefficients
    DK Threat Values

    Aurich von Deathstrike

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    Re: Retribution Tank

    yeah tanking has become easier for off spec's.
    But only thing which still sucks a bit is that as retri you get your SP from Str and as protect from stam.
    Thats why i didn't respecced retri to lvl. But dps-ing became also easier for protect. :P

    BTW mage aint AoE kings we protect pally's are
    Main shaman: Shaman Alt Paladin: Paladin
    Alt lvl 73 mage: Mage Alt lvl 70 Death knight: Death Knight
    Random dungeon project: Druid Battleground project: Rogue
    Worgen project: Warlock Future alt: Hunter

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    Re: Retribution Tank

    Maybe due to something the blizzard blues said.. that you won't need specc or gear to tank normal under 80 dungeons.. or nerf Paladins ^-^
    Quote Originally Posted by Kish8586
    I tihnk wehn naruto uses teh spirit bomb on vegeta den he will b defeated and tehn he can fite teh homonclus taht ed made cuz he cant cuz its his mawm!!! ^______________________^

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    Re: Retribution Tank

    Quote Originally Posted by Utal
    Maybe due to something the blizzard blues said.. that you won't need specc or gear to tank normal under 80 dungeons.. or nerf Paladins ^-^
    Blue posts did confirm this but really, who couldn't do that before 3.0 anyway?

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