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    Burnout and Shatter

    When using FFB do these talents stack?

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    Re: Burnout and Shatter

    Why shouldn't they?

    Burnout increases the critical damage bonus while Shatter increases crit chance.

    So I'mma say yes.
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    Re: Burnout and Shatter

    i'm an idiot, i meant ice shards

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    Re: Burnout and Shatter

    Yes they do stack.

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    Re: Burnout and Shatter

    They do stack. However:

    Do this increase the critical strike damage bonus by 150%, or 100% and then 50%?

    The difference is:

    Assuming it's 150% you would, with a spell that normally hits 100, do 150 crit WITHOUT any talents, and with talents hit 225, since 50*2,5 is 125.

    If the damage bonuses instead would be calculated one at a time, it would give you 100 hits on normal spell cast, 150 without talents, and 250 with talents, since 50*2*1,5 is 150.

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    Re: Burnout and Shatter

    normal critical bonus: x1.5 dmg [1+0.50]

    with ice shards: x2.0 dmg [1+0.50+0.50]

    with burnout: x1.75 dmg [1+0.50+0.25]

    with ice shards and burnout: x2.25 dmg [1+0.50+0.50+0.25]

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