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    0/52/19 - The new PVE Spec?

    so i hear that FFB spam with living bomb is the new raiding spec


    the build everyones been linking is 0/53/18 but i pref 1 point in imp blizzard for aoe then blastwave but that's just me, knocking mobs into other mobs is a key factor in the decision although blastwave prob wouldnt even knock mobs outside the radius of a blilzzard but i don't like to take that chance..

    but i just want to clarify some things...

    does frostfire bolt gain all the following from talents:

    +100% Critical strike damage bonus from Ice Shards
    +6% Damage from Piercing Ice
    +6% crit for fire spells from Critical Mass
    +10% damage from Fire Power
    +3% crit and -3% mana cost for fire spells from Pyromaniac
    +50% spell critical bonus of Burnout
    +3% hit from Elemental Precision

    so that works out to be:

    +150% Critical Strike Damage bonus
    +16% damage to Frostfire Bolt
    +9% Crit from talents

    and an extra 2% crit and damage bonus from Frostfire glyph
    and an extra 2% crit from molten armour glyph...

    if all this is true i can see why it's the king spec atm..

    can anyone verify that for me or add anything i've missed... i'm frothing on the idea of raiding with this at 80

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    Re: 0/52/19 - The new PVE Spec?

    6% hit from elemental precision. Its double dipping.
    My spec for 5 mans, little tweaking for raiding.
    Names Lorenik in dragonblight for armory buffs.

    And yes this spec is fun its currently my spec but without imp blizzard.
    2 downsides to this spec,
    1) Horrendously low base damage compared to fire ball and frost bolt, if your not criting your not hitting as hard as you could.
    2) Sure you have hot streak and scorch, but your mobility is limited and if you get CS then your almost completely locked out from doing any damage. IT sucks believe me.

    Other than that its great.
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    Re: 0/52/19 - The new PVE Spec?

    this is purely pve no pvp at all... so getting CS isn't really that critical

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    Re: 0/52/19 - The new PVE Spec?

    I have been CS by bosses.

    Fun surprise when it happens I must say.
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    Re: 0/52/19 - The new PVE Spec?

    arcane missiles..?
    Originally Posted by Vaneras
    Soon™ ;-)

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