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    Dark Arctic LW Set

    Hey iv looked on a MMO and a few other websites as well as asked other LW's in-game and i cant seem to find out where to get the pattern for the other Dark Arctic pieces. It clearly shows that its an 8 piece set yet i can only find crafting information on the chestpiece and leggings. Does anybody know where i could find any information on the remaining pieces of the set?

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    Re: Dark Arctic LW Set

    There are only 2 Dark Arctic pieces, they share the set bonuses with the 8 pieces of the Borean Embrace LW set. So if you happen to have the Chest and Legs of the Borean embrace along with 2 other pieces, you can swap out those two green pieces for the Dark Arctic pieces and retain the set bonuses, in the same way that if you have pieces from 10-man T7 and 25-man T7 you can mix and match them and retain the set bonuses.

    Gives us more options- good idea imho.

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