Ok, Assmuning someone has no proffesion what is the best Gear Enchant/Enhancement you can now do.

I am a Tree healer so will list what i can get as that. Are the ones i have listed the best?? And the ones I have missed can they be done in LK?

Head - ????
Back - Wisdom (+10 Spirit, Threat Reduction)
Shoulder - ????
Chest - Powerful Stats (+10 All Stat)
Bracer - Superior Spellpower (+30 sp)
Hands - Exceptional Spellpower (+28 sp)
Waist - Eternal Buckle (Xtra Socket)
Legs - Brilliant Spellthread (+50 sp +20 Spirit)
Boots - Greater Spirit (+18 Spirit)
Weapon - Exceptional Spellpower (+50 sp)

Have I Missed anything? Where do we get Shoulder/Head inscription/enchants now? What faction should i be leveling.

Thanks in advance for any help.