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    New WOTLK enchantment guide?

    I know MMOCHAMPION had an enchantment guide listing every possible enchant for each item type. However, I have yet to find a similar one for WOTLK. Since I find it quite confusing to find the new enchants because not everyone has max enchant skill yet, would someone point me to an enchantment guide?

    I know you can just go on the profession tab and see enchanting recipes, but those do not include the shoulder and head enchants.

    Thanks for the help guys.

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    Re: New WOTLK enchantment guide?

    I had the same question only i did some research and got this http://www.wowhead.com/?factions=1097, the closest ull get to that list, hope it helps.

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    Re: New WOTLK enchantment guide?

    Try this page, it has the list of all possible enchants, including mats and where they are obtained from.


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    Re: New WOTLK enchantment guide?

    not bad it does help, thanks

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