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    Is there a WotLK version of skettis for herbalism. I would like to kill a bunch of trees and herb them for herbs. I've been here for wotlk in beta, and in crystalsong forest those tree's don't give anything but ghostly mushrooms most of the time. So anyone know if there is a specific place like skettis for wotlk? If not, anyone know hotspots for lichbloom and tiger lily?

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    Re: Skettis?

    Guessing by the no reply there isn't, darn

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    Re: Skettis?

    The area around Coldarra has some tree giants, but as it's a starting zone, not sure of the quality of herbs from them.

    Haven't really seen many higher level herb trees.

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    Re: Skettis?

    i think there arent yet, maybe in wintergrasp, but in icecrown or stormpeaks no

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    Re: Skettis?

    I thinkt heres tons of herb nodes in sholazar but atm i dont know of a place to farm em from mobs
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    Re: Skettis?

    Yea theres tons of nodes in places now, respawn rate are great on them. So I think thats why blizz took out the uber tree's for wotlk version

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