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    Re: Dual Wield Frost Tank Spec

    i was talking about the EJ builds rofl :P

    clicky for armory

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    Re: Dual Wield Frost Tank Spec

    ive always liked dual wield and havent had too many bad issues with it and i likes the specs youve cam up with and ive always thought of DKs as a OT class all together if tanking so threat shouldnt be a n issue on single target bosses

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    Re: Dual Wield Frost Tank Spec

    Hi there,

    I'd highly recommend:

    * KM is key... for DPS and Threat. It procs on 50% of my HB (but i use 2H). 50%!!!! enuf said
    * I used to be a fan of Acclimation, but more than not its just a Bonus.. get other talents that will benefit you more over the long run. Plus, its useless unless you have Frost Aura, or you have a Paladin/Shaman resistance... or druid with talented MOTW. Double plus, its only useless on a handful of fights, and your healers should be good enuf to heal you well. Triple plus, being DW you should have more than enuf STAM from STAM gems
    * Bladed Armor = more dps and more tps

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    Re: Dual Wield Frost Tank Spec


    Its a 5 month old thread...while I commend Copperhead for actually using the search function to find information...I must warn that replying to old threads bumps them to the top...which in turn starts flame wars about information that is 5 months old.

    That being said...Copperhead, don't go by anything in this thread lol.

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