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    Drums of Battle...why the nerf?

    Just curious....why did they make it so Drums of Battle doesn't work at lvl 80? Being a shaman, I brought along not just heroism, but drums of battle every 2 min for trash pulls and to pop at the beginning and end of each boss battle as my "mini heroisms". They nerfed it once with tinnitus, so only one drum could be used every 2 min, so why make it so we can't use it at 80? None of the other drums received this nerf, and to be honest these were the only really useful drums out there. Can someone help explain this for me?

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    Re: Drums of Battle...why the nerf?

    Blizz did this when BC came out too, alot of the level 60 stuff was made useless. I guess they feel that they will look bad if people are useing stuff that is not new. I think its retarded, but what can you do?

    They probably only nerfed that drum cus that was the one people were useing most.
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    Re: Drums of Battle...why the nerf?

    Blizz decided to reduce the number of consumables required for raiding. Drums have been phased out (along with weapon oils and the like). I really liked the concept of a consumable LW item so that LWr's would have something to do once they're done making gear but oh well.

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    Re: Drums of Battle...why the nerf?

    time 2 drop lw! now min/maxers gotta lvl a new profession.

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    Re: Drums of Battle...why the nerf?

    Yea most stuff has "reduced effect for players over 70" or something....but this works all the way till 79...just not 80

    They could have atleast gave an upgraded version of the drums....I don't mind having to farm new mats as long as I get one new drum that will be useful for raids, so far I haven't seen any. They should un-nerf them imo they were incredibly useful and about the only thing LW brought to raids that was useful.

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    Re: Drums of Battle...why the nerf?

    Quote Originally Posted by lalartu
    time 2 drop lw! now min/maxers gotta lvl a new profession.
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    Re: Drums of Battle...why the nerf?

    Holes need to be closed for the new endgame, which is designed around certain available buffs (level 80 ones) and not others. Some buffs get removed from the endgame through the use of the "over level 60/70" mechanic. If they miss something, exploits galore!

    A particularly good example is the ironfoe. http://www.wowhead.com/?item=11684#comments

    Read the comments, particularly from the t6 fury warrior.

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