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    Inscription 437+

    I was trying to find some info on inscription leveling and a few guides tell you to make glyphs like http://www.wowhead.com/?item=42396 but too bad these can't be found as stated. Well the question is can it really be true that the only thing possible (if you exclude greens) to skill you up is http://www.wowhead.com/?spell=61177 which is 6 snowfall Inks and not 1 as stated on wowhead.

    I have over 600 ink of the sea in the bank and still not even 450.

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    Re: Inscription 437+

    Well, I dont know why you think its 6 snowfall ink, because its really only one.
    And I guess there is no other way than Inscription research or faking darkmoon cards :P
    But tbh, you dont even need 450 inscription anyway. Its just a waste of ressources to forcefully skill it up to 450.
    Just make Inscription research every day so you learn some new glyphs to make money with. And if you do so for the next 2 weeks, you will slowly reach 450.

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    Re: Inscription 437+

    ya, once you get 435 i think your all done besides from what you learn through the research training. And yes, it is only 1 snowfall ink. Just cross your fingers for some nice glyphs that you can make money off of in the AH and easy sailing till they add more recipes.

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    Re: Inscription 437+

    Hehe yeah my bad it is 1 snowfall ink, I mean the Darkmoon card not research, my bad :P and I was trying for server first but missed it by a day.

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