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    Starting Stats for healing Naxx 10

    Our guild is starting Naxx 10 next week. I've been searching everywhere for some information or advice on entry stats for our Healing Priests before we make any attempts. I want to make sure that myself and my fellow priests will be ready so these attempts will go smoothly. I have found all kinds of really nice information on all other classes but my own.

    Does anyone know of any other sites or posts that give some basic starting numbers?

    Sorry if there is already a post on this. Apparently i couldnt find it lol.

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    Re: Starting Stats for healing Naxx 10

    Elitist Jerks has a great healing guide, doesn't specify about naxx.
    Going through naxx now as a holy priest i find ya gotta have about 225-245mp5 unbuffed, maybe 650-750 spirit or so. Try to get a deep mana pool because of the way replenishment works. Stack crit to proc clearcasting to save mana.
    I started naxx with 229 mp5, 1400 sp (no fire up) 13k mana. Went fine =p

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    Re: Starting Stats for healing Naxx 10

    Don't worry about your stats for naxx 10 as it is easy as hell, if you're having mana issues bring 3 healers...

    naxx 10 is easier to heal than heroics so if you can heal those naxx will be a cakewalk.
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    Re: Starting Stats for healing Naxx 10

    worry more about your gear than the stats - if you have decent L80 blues thats good. If you have L72 quest greens that is bad.

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    Re: Starting Stats for healing Naxx 10

    I started last week as Disc Innerfire+Divine Spirit up 1915 SP 300 haste 185mp5 in combat, no problems at all.

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    Re: Starting Stats for healing Naxx 10

    Quote Originally Posted by Izenhart
    I started last week as Disc Innerfire+Divine Spirit up 1915 SP 300 haste 185mp5 in combat, no problems at all.
    Your mp5 is really really low for a healing priest though :P. I almost have that unbuffed as a shd priest. For long fights it can be a real problem.

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    Re: Starting Stats for healing Naxx 10

    My priest completely unbuffed has:
    - 1520 SP
    - 581 (205) mp5
    - 15.8k mana
    - 77 haste (like it really matters...) => This just comes from some of the blues I'm still trying to replace. However this + 505 haste from the badge trinket = tank saver.

    With these stats, I've healed 3 of the Naxx wings and Sartharion (both on normal) with absolutely no problems. i.e.- Minimal mana pots and still top healing on some fights.

    From what I've seen in this thread, a lot of priests are stacking straight spell power gear though. To me, that's not the way to go. If I can, I'm gemming for straight spirit and enchanting the same way when I can. With holy talents, 4 spirit gives you 1 spell power as well as 4 mp5. So over all I believe this is the stat that priests should be concentrating on the most.

    I haven't done a whole lot of research on drops (25 man or 10 man) but it seems that the Majestic Dragon Figurine is one of, if not the best priest trinket in the game as of now. (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=40430) Does anyone wanna confirm or deny this? With 10 stacks going, I'm getting around 40 spell power and 150 mp5, and in a raid this is incredibly easy to keep going. Even when healing is light for a period in the fight, I just rebuff myself with Inner Fire or put another renew on the tank as it procs with any and every spell. To me, this trinket is incredibly overpowered for as early in the game as you get it.

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    Re: Starting Stats for healing Naxx 10

    I think I was sitting around 1150-1200 SP with like 320 spirit and terrible regen. Probably had about 80 or so haste as well. Went fine the whole time, never really had mana problems on any of the fights (did go with 3 healers though). Also did sarth 10 and 25 perfectly fine. End of the week now and I'm at 1726 SP, almost 700 spirit, 324 haste, ~700/325 mp5 (I think, can't log in right now, I'm at class =x).

    Currently specced disc btw, having the 505 haste trinket + 324 base haste + 3% from talents (only 3/5 atm in the haste/stam/int talent) + 25% from borrowed time = 1.4 gheals and I think 1.1 penance.

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    Re: Starting Stats for healing Naxx 10

    As a holy priest I am stacking three things. Int, Spell Power and Spirit, in that order. If an item has no regen I look at how much Int and other factors (such as Haste/Crit - both nice).

    I tend to gem spell power, enchant spirit, and aim for the high Int items.

    Remember Int boosts crit and the mana gained via replenishment.

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    Re: Starting Stats for healing Naxx 10

    Tokarth can you link your priest? i want to look at your spec and gear. I am still kinda a newbie at healing. I looked up your name and came up with rogue and sham

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    Re: Starting Stats for healing Naxx 10

    ... aslo if you guys can add what healing glyphs you use, Major and Minor, that would be greatly appreciated ty

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    Re: Starting Stats for healing Naxx 10

    I use the fade, fort and levitate minors, and shield, flash heal, and CoH majors myself as Holy. However, as I dinged 80 like 3 days ago my opinion is irrelevent. :P
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    Re: Starting Stats for healing Naxx 10

    Sorry didn't think to do that, it is in the guild with my rogue though, pretty much the only priest in my guild even.&#160; Right now I'm more of a pvp centric spec but it's not even final, basically was just a basic build without even putting to much though into it to go from shadow to disc at 80.


    Edit: just saw the post requesting glyphs. I've only got levitate for minor, but as for major I'm using renew, dispel and pw:s glyphs.

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    Re: Starting Stats for healing Naxx 10

    I'm discipline priest, with about 18.2k mana 350mp5 and 1477sp unbuffed/selfbuffed

    I'm also using glyph of flash heal, powerword:shield, renew (might change to PoH, still havent had a chance to test it out).

    I think i should be fine healing naxx, but still doing heroics trying to improve untill my guildmembers catch up in lvling.

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