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    Healing Advice

    I started playing a resto drood right before WOTLK hit. I dinged 80 a few days ago and I am looking for some hints. Currently i have 1100 spell power and 700 spirit and 230 mp5 while casting. Im in all Northrend blues/quest reward gear and looking to start raiding naxx.

    As of right now i use LB x3 and Rejuv for MT's and Wild Growth /rejuvs for raid healing.

    I was wondering what else anyone thought that would help me improve my raid healing. Currently i have No enchants except for 50+ spell power to the AoA mace, as i am waiting for better gear to spend money on seeing how everything is overpriced atm

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    Re: Healing Advice

    My usual rotation is:

    - Regrowth
    - Rejuv
    - LB x3[if needed]
    - Reapply as needed.

    WG for group healing.

    I prefer to throw some Regrowth's in there for the high crit/hot/living seed.

    However I'm far experienced, this has worked for me just fine so far.

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    Re: Healing Advice

    Am I the only one using nourish?

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    Re: Healing Advice

    Well I've not been resto since 72 (went feral for tanking goodness and haven't looked back) but you seem low on the spellpower... I think I was sitting at 1300 spellpower in my 70 gear. So you'll likely struggle just because of that. As for healing rotations and what not....

    I was big on using regrowth/rejuv with the regrowth and swiftmend glyphs while levelling. I was planning on adding the rejuv one at 80. When you stack for the natures grace, regrowth +50% crit, living seed and all the hot boosts regrowth can do some crazy healing. Swiftmending when in an emergency without consuming the buff also was good. I just found that with LB rolling now it drained me OOM way to quickly so I found I was playing the cancel cast game whereby I would queue up both hots on the tank and keep spamming regrowth, jumping to cancel casts if it seemed it wasn't going to be necessary, then using swiftmend for spike damage... tossing in the occasional WG for raid damage and rejuvs on melee taking splash damage or on other people taking damage.

    Much of my relative ease in healing though might have been with having 1300 spellpower in level 70-75 instances, and being overgeared for the place, hopefully others with more lvl 80 healing experience can help out.

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    Re: Healing Advice

    I figured i was low on the spell power, looking to do more heroics/naxx next week after Thanksgiving. Should i put more points into balance for natures grace? and spam Regrowth with the crit talent?

    And how often/when should i be using Nourish?

    The Glyphs i have now are:

    Healing Touch for spamming
    Battle rez one
    And the Rejuv one

    Any others that i need or should look into?

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    Re: Healing Advice

    Quote Originally Posted by Sans
    Am I the only one using nourish?
    I'm only 76 so far :|

    I don't think I ever use healing touch... except for an emergency (Natures Swiftness + HT)
    As for glyphs you probably want Rejuv/Regrowth and Swiftmend tbh.

    As for spec assuming you have 14 points left over to put into the balance tree you want:
    5/5 Genesis
    3/3 Moonglow
    2/2 Nature's Majesty
    3/3 Nature's Grace
    1/1 Nature's Splendor

    Or so I think.

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    Re: Healing Advice

    glyph advice:

    I would suggest you get the swiftmend and innervate one instead


    Swiftmend (swiftmend without eating your hots are nice)
    Innervate (mana regen another healer while giving yourself a nice buff)
    Rejuvenation (or Regrowth)


    Unburden Rebirth
    Gift of the Wild
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    Re: Healing Advice

    Generally for me I'm finding the best 'rotation' in heroics (haven't stepped into Naxx yet) is to keep main HoTs on the tank (Rejuv, Regrowth, 3xLifebloom) with Wild Growth for large AoE healing or just a Regrowth if someone other than the tank takes a hit. If the tank is getting hit hard then Swiftmend + spam Regrowth.

    For Glyphs I'm using Regrowrth, Rejuv, and Swiftmend. However for raiding I'll probably change Rejuv to Innervate so I can give it to others and still get some benefit myself. Generally I think the tank isn't going to stay under 50% for very much of a fight, so it's not that likely you'll get the benefit of the glyph in that case.

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    Re: Healing Advice

    i start off with before pull
    then revj
    pull then regrowth
    keeping up the hots and then spamming neurish on the tank if needed im not using regrowth as spam healing since it's to expensive manawise compared to neurish and aslong as regrowth hot is up it's just a big waste to cast regrowth

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    Re: Healing Advice

    Once the tank pulls, I use LB, Rejuv, LBx2, and Regrowth whether they need another HoT on. If they're still taking significant damage after that, I use Nourish and maybe even Overgrowth if they really need it. I've never read any guides on healing rotations but this is what I usually do and it works very well. The best way to get better at healing is just to practice and figure out what to use and when to use it.

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    Re: Healing Advice

    I've been using the 3x LB , rejuv on teh tank to keep him up and i've come to like nourish quite a bit,
    i'll use rejuv and and glyphed healing touch for the non-tanks (mostly rejuv for the talent that gives them mana/runic/rage/energy back and use HT for oh crap healing)
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    Re: Healing Advice

    Quote Originally Posted by Sans
    Am I the only one using nourish?
    At least you should not be! that is druids best healing spell, Full HoTs up and nourish spam, that is how i would heal

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    Re: Healing Advice

    My rotations are 3xlifebloom, Rejuvenation, Wild Growth, Swiftmend and only in if the tank is low health instant healing touch,

    I am not ussing any of the glyphs atm, but my plans are to use

    Glyph of Rejuvenation
    Glyph of Swiftmend
    Glyph of Innervate

    Glyph of Unburdened Rebirth

    and none other minor cause the others dont make Sense at all...

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    Re: Healing Advice

    Why would anybody use Nourish? It's horrible. No synergy from talents, lower HPM and HPS than Regrowth, low critrate. Bad spell is bad.

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    Re: Healing Advice

    when i solo MT healing: LBs rejub regrowth, usually living seed procs, if the dmg is extremely high i use the nourish, i see 13k crits with norish if i have all hots on the tank (including WG, call it a waste of mana, but haveing 4-6 hots on and you barely see spike damage).
    i find myself rarely using healing touch, and prefering the nourish + swiftmend combination (find it faster to top).

    when it comes to healing the raid i really hate seeing the druids that just spread around rejub. you are usless to the raid by just spaming on spell, i usually use a combination of WG with rejub and regrwoth on raid. for example in malygos i found rejub to be nice in certain area's but not worth spaming it like i see other druids in my class do. we look amazing on meters doing rejub or regrowth spam but it doesn't really do the trick on the raid and this usualy cause someone to die from lack of heals.

    i find nourish to be very situational, and i'll chose to use it when the target is with more HoTs on him. i use lifeblom far less then rejub, but i find it extremely nice if i want to to someone and have no rush and his HP is deflicted by 7k for example (like om malygos raid damage, when you have 5-7 ppl geting -7k deflict) i usualy go WG, life bloom on one, regrwoth on another and then spread around different hots LB/rejub. i combine swiftmend much more in my healing.

    i use the swiftmend glyph, the inervate one and for the third one i've been switching around, so far i've stuck with the rejub one, though considering the healing touch one to test it - but very not sure about it.

    i've rerolled from priest to a druid, simpley cause i just feel unlimited as a druid, mana never ends i even give others my inervate. i actually really like nourish and enjoy using it when its needed. its nice to have so much healing spells i can use, i see myself now as even better then any class simpley cause i have the answer to every thing: i heal MT properly now, i heal raid properly now. we can just go with 6-7 druids tbh, no one will feel the different. thats why i rerolled. and the best thing is when i spec feral and go pvp i have so much fun! and usually win.

    the nicest thing that i feel atm is that i don't really have a rotation set, ofc keeping hots up on MT and everything, thats the usual. but generally when there is raid or tank damage i have so much spells i can use in different ways, i heal for alot and ppl can see it, i don't need to worry much about mana with my talent spec and in tree forum, i rarely use inervate on me.

    if you get lower healing from nourish your just not using it correctly. you should use nourish after the target is hoted and not before. if you use it before its basically cause you don't know how to read tooltips and then ofc it'll be bad. we have now 2 short heals: 1 that is like flash of light just better cause it leaves a hot, and the other sort of flash of light that scales with the hots on the target. i enjoy nourish alot.

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    Re: Healing Advice

    Quote Originally Posted by meowmeow
    we look amazing on meters doing rejub or regrowth spam but it doesn't really do the trick on the raid and this usualy cause someone to die from lack of heals.
    That's because you don't know how to play your class/spec. It's not our druids' job to top everybody off with direct heals. We soften the fall. Paladins, shamans, even priests do the direct heals. We keep people hotted up so they have more time to do their job. Learn to trust your other healers.

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    Re: Healing Advice

    1100 spell power - WAY too low for Naxx, let alone the easy heroics.
    Get better gear, get gems, get enchants. Hit at least 1.5k before even setting foot in Naxx.

    I'm a HT spec druid, so my rotation is usually LB stacks + Rejuv on Tank, WG at aoe, and my beaut <1 sec HT at 5k a heal for chunky healing. Nourish doesn't cut it when you need quick healing and fast. Pop innervate and let 'er rip with the HT spam.

    I've also got NG in Balance for crits, meaning I hit 0.5 sec HTs (and with the badge trinket proc, it goes even quicker).
    Just last night I saved our tank going squish by getting a lucky proc off the trinket, having heroism up and mass spamming HT - 0.01 sec HT with NG anyone? I lol'd so hard when I saw that.

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