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Kill Malygos the first raid week should show you the skill of the players.
And i don´t thing they don´t do naxx bevor Malygos.
We did, opposit to common belif, Malygos do require slightly better gear than Patchwerk for easier P2 and P3 learning.

Basicly, you want to own him fast in P1 and P2, so you can fuckup in P3 and still win, untill your noob dps'ers in your guild learned to use the dragons properly.

Spend > 2000 Gold for an item that you can replace in one week or two
is from my pov not that intelegent.... ok if you have >20000 Gold
this is not a question :-)
I think it's unlikely I'll be replacing it before January. And gold is to be spend, rather on something that benefits raiding than a mount for myself.

Naxx ist definitiv not gear dependent exclut the tanks maybe.
Thaddius, Sappirion and Kel'thuzad do require some dps. But again, Malygos is a step up from Naxxramas.

Naxxramas = Karazhan
Malygos = Magtheridon