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    Raid addons. Need some help!

    I usually raid with a couple other mages. Both of which are FFb spec like me. And its hard to keep track of who's LB is on the boss and who's will expire.

    Is there an addon that will alert me when only my LB is going to expire on the boss?

    This would be a great help and would maximize me dps.

    thanks for the replys =)

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    Re: Raid addons. Need some help!

    ClassTimer is your friend. Can track target and focus separately, so even if you switch targets - you can set most important one on focus and watch timers for it.


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    Re: Raid addons. Need some help!

    Wow thank you so much for that.

    That has to be the best addon i have ever installed since Omen. thanks again =)

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    Re: Raid addons. Need some help!

    i have xperl , and its very easy , my debuffs or dots are kinda double the size of those from other players

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