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    Spartan UI

    So i discovered spartan UI while browsing some random "Show your UI thread" and i instantly fell in love but heres the problem......I can't install it!! ??? I've watched the video 3-5 times and i can install the saved variables but not the addons it self this is mostly because i cant find them

    When i open the .Zip file a window comes up with bartender4 and spartan UI i open spartan UI i get this

    Bindings Global Media

    Modules Spartan UI.toc Support (where i found the saved variables)

    Could someone help me with this?

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    Re: Spartan UI


    the videos and prolly the ui u got is way outdated. he is come up with a brand new ui setup where all u gotta do is copy 2 folders in ur interface. no need to copy any profiles in WTF folder or anything. u can read it up on his website.

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    Re: Spartan UI

    1. Open zip file
    2. Copy the Bartender 4 and Spartan UI folders into your Interface/Addons folder
    3. ???
    4. Profit

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    Re: Spartan UI

    wait it wont show up i re-downloaded and copied the bartender 4 and Spartan UI to my addon folder and it wont show up

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    And never update Bartender, because SpartanUI is made to that specific verson, and if it gets updated the codes etc can be different and the UI will look wierd! Here is my UI though with SpartanUI:

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